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Automation and Control


  • NREL Launches Sustainable Mobility Initiative

    The laboratory’s initiative looks at transportation as an integrated system, where travelers and transportation resources are seen as a dynamic network.

  • Robotic Help for Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup

    Radiation levels inside the building make it impossible for humans to safely monitor removal of the 566 fuel-rod assemblies.

  • Marvin Minsky, “Father of Artificial Intelligence,” Dies at 88

    Minsky was a pioneering thinker and a foremost expert on the theory of artificial intelligence.

  • LIDAR Gives Sight to Autonomous Vehicles

    Laser-based imaging and ranging provides vision for autonomous vehicles, but their mechanical scanner is a throwback that many engineers would like to replace.

  • Researchers Develop a Wireless, Dissolvable Brain Sensor

    The motivation was to engineer an implantable sensor that could monitor intracranial pressure and temperature in patients with traumatic brain injury.

  • Drone Carries One Passenger and a Smartphone

    The EHang 184 is intended to fly for 23 minutes at an average speed of 100 km/h.

  • Wi-Fi Sensing from Cellphones Could Improve Bus Service

    The system collects MAC addresses as well as the time and location those addresses are detected from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals.

  • Sensors Detect Presence, Extent of Water Pollution

    A factor vital in minimizing pollution's impact and damages to a body of water is how quickly it is detected.

  • Samsung Refrigerator Brings IoT to the Kitchen

    The company aims to make the refrigerator a food, music, television and smart home "hub."

  • Ford Seeks to Integrate Autos and Wearables

    Lane-keeping assist could become more sensitive if a smart watch sent data to the vehicle conveying that the driver didn’t get enough sleep the previous night.

  • Tesla Curbs Hands-Free Functionality of Model S

    Autosteer is throttled on residential roads and roads without a center divider.

  • Ford Tests Autonomous Vehicles on Snowy Roads

    The vehicles are equipped with high-resolution 3D maps.

  • BMW Unveils Gesture Controlled "AirTouch"

    AirTouch allows the display in a vehicle to be operated like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface.

  • System Enables Early Detection of Storm Sewer Overflow

    Fujitsu engineers developed a thermoelectric generator module that converts temperature differences into energy, powering a monitoring device.

  • Hyundai Tests Fully Autonomous Fuel Cell Vehicle in U.S.

    Hyundai received approval from Nevada to begin testing a fully autonomous fuel cell electric vehicle on public roads.

  • Color Meters and Appearance Instruments: Operation and Use

    Color measurement instruments are used primarily for determining the color characteristics of objects, imaging input and output devices.

  • Rotameters: How They Work and How to Use Them

    Rotameters are also known as variable area flow meters. Variable area flow meters work by measuring the flow rate as the fluid travels through a tapered tube where the cross sectional area of the tube gradually becomes greater as the fluid travels through the tube.

  • Samsung Launches Automotive Electronics Unit

    Division will focus on infotainment and autonomous driving.

  • Smart Camera Could Further Automate Home, Cars

    TeraDeep uses an accelerator-embedded hardware system so that video footage can be processed locally, privately and quickly.

  • Robotics Pioneer Joseph Engelberger Dies at 90

    His industrial applications fundamentally changed the auto sector, introducing robotics that enabled manufacturers to achieve greater efficiency and precision.

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