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Automation and Control


  • Automation Threaten 80 Million U.S. Jobs, Says BoE Economist

    Smart machines have the potential to substitute for human brains as well as hands.

  • Acoustic Monitoring Can Offer Early Warning of Trouble

    Acoustic monitoring has become an essential part of early tube leak detection for utility boilers.

  • How Mechanical Brakes Work

    Mechanical brakes arrest the energy of a machine or object via force, most commonly friction.

  • Pressure Gauges: How They Work and How to Specify Them

    Pressure gauges are used for a variety of industrial and application-specific pressure monitoring applications.

  • GE Software Aims to Optimize Power Plant Operation

    Exelon and PSEG agree to install software to optimize assets that include nuclear, gas and wind plants.

  • Robot Aces Self-Awareness Test

    Nao robot passes a wise-men puzzle proving it understood the problem.

  • Additive Manufacturing Meets Bespoke Automaking

    Morgan may produce hand-built autos, but its design team embraces technology to help hold on to tradition.

  • Specifying an Accelerometer: Function and Applications

    Accelerometers are used in a wide range of applications over a variety of industries, including product testing, structure testing, electronic devices and condition monitoring.

  • 3D Printed Soft, Hopping Robot

    Using a 3-D printer, Harvard researchers create an autonomous soft machine.

  • Fuel Dispensing Equipment & Operation

    Fuel dispensing equipment dispenses and monitors liquid or gaseous fuel. Fuel dispensers are used to pump liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, or kerosene into a vehicle, aircraft, storage tank or portable container.

  • Smart Steering Wheel Could Sense a Drowsy Driver

    The technology enables a vehicle to sense if the driver’s hands are no longer moving, perhaps indicating that the operator has fallen asleep.

  • Jaguar Showcases Sensor Technologies for Autonomous Automobiles

    Engineers work to deliver a vehicle that can shift from autonomous mode to driver directed.

  • Bosch and Daimler to Develop Automated Parking Systems

    Intelligent infrastructure seen as a key enabler for autonomous vehicle parking applications.

  • Baidu to Launch Driverless Car Later in 2015, Reports Say

    China-based Baidu to compete with web rival Google by offering a different vision of driverless car technology.

  • NTSB Urges That Collision Avoidance Technology Become Standard

    Report says that manufacturers should make collision avoidance systems standard equipment, starting with collision warning systems and autonomous emergency braking.

  • Chinese Market for Distributed Control Systems Sees Growth Opportunities, IHS Says

    Local DCS suppliers are growing faster than the market average as technological gaps close.

  • Low Oil Prices Led to Flat Control System Markets in 2014, IHS Says

    Growth of the global distributed control system market was flat in 2014 as lower oil prices caused oil companies to cut back on mega projects and investments.

  • Optical Tweezers: Merging Physics, Force and a Bit of Fantasy

    The optical tweezer was developed by Bell Labs in the 1970s, and the dimensional scale of its use has since been extended down in range from handling individual proteins, viruses and bacteria strands to maneuvering nanoparticles and manipulating neutral atoms.

  • Industrial Automation Equipment to Post Growth in 2015 Despite Headwinds, IHS Says

    The industrial automation equipment (IAE) market will continue to grow (albeit at a contracted rate) in 2015 despite facing some headwinds, mainly in the form of low oil and commodity prices and weakened demand from some developing economies.

  • A Robot Race to the Moon

    Technology companies aren't waiting on NASA to spur commercial development in space. Lured in part by the chance to win the $20 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, 18 teams from around the world are racing to be the first to accomplish a unique technical triple play: Fly a lander to the Moon’s surface, deploy a rover that must maneuver a distance of at least 500 meters and send high-definition images back to Earth.

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