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Automation and Control


  • Zurich Airport starts trial operation of Rohde & Schwarz security scanners

    The scanner works with millimeter-wave technology and renders the captured image data anonymously, while also analyzing it in order to detect prohibited items on passengers quickly and accurately.

  • Patented torsional drilling technology developed for oil and gas operators

    Threlix targets the challenges associated with drilling dysfunctions, such as vibration and torsional oscillations, which are often encountered with rotary steerable systems (RSS).

  • A robot that irons car seats during manufacturing process

    Flexiv can seamlessly adapt to the different shapes and contours of a car seat while also applying consistent and precise pressure.

  • The exoskeleton revolution

    Follow along with GlobalSpec as we look back at the seemingly endless variety of exoskeletons currently in various stages of development.

  • Siemens and Agbotic collaborate on artificial intelligence initiative

    The collaboration seeks to validate a new artificial intelligence model intended to improve farming efficiency.

  • AI-powered tool promises to mitigate construction delays

    Delay Forecast flags activities at risk of falling behind schedule, quantifies those risks by providing projections of forecasted delays, as well as recommendations for pace corrections to mitigate and prevent delays.

  • This robot lifts weights, crawls through pipes

    The engineering team reportedly used the actuator to construct an artificial bicep capable of lifting a 500 gram weight, 5,000 consecutive times and a worm-inspired soft robot capable of navigating hairpin curves in a narrow pipe.

  • Computar releases a 20 MP ruggedized lens series

    The ruggedized lenses have been designed to counteract vibrations up to 10 G and shocks up to 15 G.

  • Zero emission goals for port equipment and infrastructure, building on Singapore and Long Beach examples

    Cleaner air and efficient operations at ports in California and Singapore are delivered with Quick Charging Connector systems from Staubli Electrical Connectors.

  • Leica Geosystems launches its Machine Smart Antenna

    Construction machines like compaction rollers, which usually require only sub-meter accuracy without heading, can now be equipped with a Leica MC1 machine control solution.

  • Smart equipment tracker launched by Tenna

    TennaINTEL, which is available in a plug-in or solar configuration, is the latest iteration of equipment trackers in Tenna’s hardware suite.

  • Innodisk inaugurates Phase II of R&D and production center to expand edge AI solutions capacity

    The company has officially inaugurated Phase II of its R&D and production center in Yilan, Taiwan.

  • New Emerson pneumatic valves provide greater automation flexibility, optimized flow

    The AVENTICS XV valve series features multiple interoperable valve sizes and higher flow rates in a compact design.

  • AI-powered tech instantly detects nanoplastics in water

    The team suggests that this technology promises to identify and address pollution "hotspots" more effectively.

  • Electropolishing for EV battery components

    Electropolishing offers EV battery manufacturers a precise, controllable and efficient method to eliminate surface imperfections and enhance the conductivity of aluminum and copper parts.

  • New safety sensors for oil and gas, hydrogen applications launched by Baker Hughes

    Baker Hughes’ three new Panametrics solutions offer advanced levels of accuracy, reliability and durability.

  • Watch microrobotic cleanup crews remove water pollutants

    Swarms of microscale robots are controlled by external magnetic fields to collectively capture microplastics and bacteria present in aquatic systems.

  • How to calibrate pH sensors for measuring pH in water

    Follow these simple steps to calibrate a pH sensor and ensure it is functioning optimally and providing reliable results.

  • New ONEboard+ Control Board with the highest savings potential

    Increased computing power allows for the integration of additional functions such as an on-board charger or a second inverter in a single layout.

  • A device that reduces cancer hospitalizations by 50%

    Leuko Labs, a spin-off of MIT, developed the technology as an alternative for current methods that rely on drawing blood to monitor white blood cell counts.

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