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Automation and Control


  • A device that reduces cancer hospitalizations by 50%

    Leuko Labs, a spin-off of MIT, developed the technology as an alternative for current methods that rely on drawing blood to monitor white blood cell counts.

  • Noise cameras promise to eliminate road noise pollution

    When loud vehicles drive by and exceed an established threshold, the noise cameras are triggered so to capture the vehicle’s license plate.

  • Harnessing nuclear heat to warm lunar missions

    Nuclear-powered heating technology is being advanced to keep robotic explorers operating during the frigid lunar night and conduct longer-duration missions.

  • DigiKey debuts City Digital season 4 video series focused on artificial intelligence

    The video series explores different aspects of artificial intelligence integration, from infrastructure and transportation to environmental monitoring and public services.

  • Optimizing HALT setups: The power of customization

    Consider these key elements to ensure the utmost reliability in highly accelerated life testing (HALT) outcomes.

  • A robot dog for sniffing out hazardous gases

    To prevent humans from being exposed to potentially harmful environments, the quadruped robot has been designed to test the air for dangerous chemicals in areas affected by fire or other incidents.

  • New ingestible smart pill offers real-time gut health monitoring

    According to the researchers, the system enables users to monitor their gastrointestinal (GI) tract health at home via their smartphones.

  • RDI Technologies launches its Iris Edge

    This new product is reportedly set to transform the field of vibration monitoring by bringing its Motion Amplification technology to the IoT world.

  • EPA updates its Climate Adaptation Plan

    The 2024-2027 Climate Adaptation Plan outlines agency actions to address the impacts of climate change and help build a more climate-resilient nation.

  • Revolutionize sample preparation for biological samples

    Utilizing short-time centrifugation for solid-phase extraction, an entire sample treatment process can be completed within 10 minutes.

  • Beyond color and texture: How to measure pH in paints using the right sensor

    Understand why measuring pH in paints is essential, what points to consider while measuring pH and how to measure pH using a Mettler Toledo sensor.

  • Robotics: The next evolution in the operating room

    Drive systems and high-speed DC-micromotors from FAULHABER are enabling safe and precise robotic-assisted surgeries.

  • Anaqua launches AI-powered IP management platform AQX 11

    The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform is geared to help users achieve maximum value from their intellectual property (IP) assets.

  • Seeing through it all with smart glasses

    Follow along with GlobalSpec as we investigate the assorted smart glasses currently in development and what tasks they might assist with.

  • Tech promises to give users control over their exposure to harmful gases

    The technology uses a machine learning algorithm and metasurface spectral filter arrays to build a microspectrometer (MIMM) capable of detecting the unique infrared signature of several gases using just one sensor.

  • Video: Mitsubishi Electric achieves Guinness World Record for fastest robot to solve a puzzle cube

    A project team of young engineers beat the previous record by 0.075 seconds using a robot equipped with high-speed, high-precision factory automation equipment and control technology.

  • Save costs and increase available production time with remote services

    ARNOLD Umformtechnik is expanding the after-sales service for its machines to include digital remote services.

  • Wearable robot promises to reduce shoulder strain during industrial tasks

    The wearable robot, which is worn like a shirt and features a portable power unit, assists only when needed and turns off when not in use, thereby reducing the effort required by the wearer to lower their arms.

  • STEM Careers Coalition announces new free STEM resources for students

    To support its goal of reaching 10 million students by 2025, the Coalition is presenting a host of new resources for students.

  • Why this wheel drive is getting so much attention from design engineers

    To simplify the development of AGVs and AMRs, ElectroCraft offers a unique, integrated wheel drive platform, which provides increased performance and reliability at an affordable price.

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