• IHS Partners with ECIA to Deliver Authorized Distributor Inventory, Price and Availability on Datasheets360.com

    IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions has partnered with the Electronic Components Industry Association to help authorized distributors provide current price and availability information to their target audience on Datasheets360.com.

  • Researchers Create a Centimeter-accurate GPS System

    Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas in Austin have developed a GPS-based positioning system with an accuracy measured in centimeters.

  • Apple and Samsung Drive Evolution in Embedded Touch Mobile Phone Displays, IHS Says

    A new report from IHS says that embedded touch displays are forecast to comprise nearly 40% of touch module shipments for mobile phone applications in 2015.

  • Optical Tweezers: Merging Physics, Force and a Bit of Fantasy

    The optical tweezer was developed by Bell Labs in the 1970s, and the dimensional scale of its use has since been extended down in range from handling individual proteins, viruses and bacteria strands to maneuvering nanoparticles and manipulating neutral atoms.

  • Researchers Track Failing Lithium-ion Batteries in Lab Tests

    A team from the University of College London (UCL) has tracked what happens when lithium-ion batteries overheat and explode.

  • TRW to Launch Video Camera Sensor in China in 2016

    TRW Automotive plans to launch its newest video camera sensor—the S-Cam 3—in China in early 2016.

  • Bespoke Product Engineering in a Commodity Cellphone Market

    Vertu, a British bespoke manufacturer, tackles product design and supply chain challenges in an increasingly commodity market for mobile devices.

  • Embedded Sensors Could Help Diagnose Building Faults

    Researchers at Michigan State University College of Engineering are working with technology known as substrate computing.

  • Global Semiconductors Posted Strong, Broad-based Growth in 2014, IHS Says

    Global semiconductor revenues experienced 9.2% growth in 2014, coming in just below expectations of 9.4%, according to IHS Technology's market overview.

  • Honeywell Partners to Develop Aircraft Internet Connectivity System

    Honeywell and Inmarsat have teamed up with Kymeta to design a Ka-band wireless antenna for commercial and business aircraft.

  • Moore's Law at 50

    "Moore's law" is one of the few phrases from the engineering and electronics domain that resonates with the general public.

  • Fixed Broadband Subscribers to Approach 1 Billion in 2019, Led by China: IHS says

    IHS unit Infonetics released excerpts from its new “FTTH, DSL and Cable Subscribers” report, which looks at global fixed broadband subscribers, like DSL, cable broadband, FTTH and FTTB+LAN subscribers.

  • Aluminum Batteries Could Challenge Lithium-Ion on Cost and Safety

    Researchers from Stanford University in California have created a fast-charging, inexpensive and long-lasting aluminum battery that could challenge lithium-ion cells.

  • Audi Plans Tablet-Sized Controller for Autonomous Vehicles

    Automaker Audi says it will go to production with a piloted driving controller that is roughly the size of a tablet computer.

  • Cellular-enabled Smart Water Meter Project Is First of a Kind, IHS Says

    A contract calling for approximately 35,000 smart meters to be installed in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will launch the single largest implementation of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in the water utility sector worldwide, according to analysis from IHS.

  • Hybrid Films for Flexible Touch Screens on Electronic Devices

    Scientists from Kyungpook National University in South Korea have developed a method—acid-free sol-gel fabrication technique—to create a type of hybrid film composed of organic and inorganic materials, which can be used in touch screen devices.

  • Simulation Software Aids Battery Design

    A team at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has created a toolset that they say will aid designers of safe, high-performance batteries for electric vehicles.

  • 2015 a "Breakthrough Year" for Wireless Power Industry, IHS Says

    Global revenues for wireless power receivers and transmitters will grow to more than $1.7 billion this year, reports IHS.

  • Ethernet Switch Revenue Notches Record, IHS Says

    Continued investments to accommodate the increasing demands that applications place on network infrastructure drove global Ethernet switch sales to $21.7 billion in 2014, up 5% from 2013, reports IHS business unit Infonetics Research.

  • Automotive Semiconductor Supplier Rankings Adjusted Based on Further Analysis

    Leaders in the automotive semiconductor market experienced exceptional results and growth in 2014, according to an updated analysis from IHS.

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