• The differences between capacitive and piezoresistive pressure sensors

    Pressure sensors currently installed are based on MEMS technology and utilize piezoresistive or capacitive measurement principles.

  • Sensitive optical sensing tool for medical, industrial use

    The design combines the advantages of the two types of interferometers currently available, making it both compact and highly sensitive.

  • Video: Fast testing smart sensor kits

    The SCD40 and SCD41 CO2 sensor enables innovative applications to improve indoor air quality.

  • RADX has introduced its Trifecta-SSD-RM, removable M.2 NVMe SSD data storage modules for PXIe/CPCIe systems

    RADX Technologies Inc. has announced the Trifecta-SSD-RM, a family of COTS, low-cost, high-performance, removable M.2 NVMe SSD data storage modules for PXIe/CPCIe systems.

  • World's most compact Ethernet/IP encoder

    Encoders with the Ethernet/IP protocol are now available, including the most compact in the world.

  • Electro Standards Laboratories introduces its complex data stream monitoring tool

    The M4349 uses 11 channels of 12 bit analog inputs that can be sampled up to 10,000 samples/second.

  • Cyborg insects one step closer to reality

    The cyborg cockroaches are equipped with a tiny wireless control module powered by a rechargeable battery attached to a solar cell. Ultrathin electronics and flexible materials enable the cyborg cockroaches to move freely.

  • A sweet approach to wearable electrode design

    The key to the highly conformable medical electrode design is the commercially available sugar cube.

  • Design principles and checklist for Hall effect sensors

    Commutation sensor — Precision motor timing device to control electronic commutation.

  • LCD 2.0 — Azumo frontlight for reflective LCDs

    Reflective liquid crystal displays (RLCDs) offer the benefits of traditional backlit LCDs while having the additional benefits of very low power and sunlight readability.

  • Robotics firm introduces its new robotic welding system

    The new “FastARC” welding cobot features a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L 6-axis robot mounted on a mobile platform.

  • Watch this robot traverse curved steel walls

    The robot from Sumitomo Heavy Industries is able to traverse curved steel walls thanks to magnetic adhesion.

  • Watch: Robot bartender strives to improve customer relations

    Dubbed BRILLO, the robotic system features a humanoid bust, two robotic arms for making drinks and a monitor-based face capable of producing different facial expressions according to interactions with human customers.

  • Report: Manufacturers suggest robots are not taking over jobs in the manufacturing space

    According to the report, 57% of global manufacturers report that robots aren’t taking over jobs in the manufacturing space, but instead improving human-robot collaboration in that field.

  • Report: Industrial robots increase co-worker substance abuse, mental-health issues

    Although industrial robots are designed to take over strenuous and physically demanding tasks in the warehouse and manufacturing spaces, they are also reportedly increasing adverse mental health issues among human workers.

  • A tool for detecting extraterrestrial life

    The discovery of extraterrestrial life may depend on deployment of a portable device that detects organic residue in fossils tens of millions of years old.

  • How getters improve reliability of hermetically sealed electronic packages

    Electronic components may fail if they are exposed to corrosive agents or chemical attack by moisture or other reactive gases that may be present within an electronic package or enclosure.

  • Video: MIT scientists build firefly-like robots that emit light

    Like lightning bugs — which use their luminescence to communicate with potential mates, ward off predators and lure prey — the electroluminescence built into the soft artificial muscles of the flying robots could enable the robots to emit colored light as they fly.

  • These robots will make your skin crawl: Part 2

    Join Engineering360 as we revisit in a two-part article some of the creepy crawly species to influence robot technology.

  • Video: Researchers introduce their graffiti bot

    To develop GTGraffiti, the research team first employed motion capture technology to record two human artists painting the alphabet in a bubble letter graffiti style.

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