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Automation and Control


  • UST strengthens its position in life sciences and SAP practices

    The acquisition of Endeavor Consulting Group represents a significant step forward for the company as it advances its digital transformation capabilities in the life sciences sector.

  • Team develops new robotic gripper for automated apple picking

    The robotic gripper, which weighs just shy of 1 lb, is being developed, according to the researchers, in a bid to alleviate labor shortages plaguing the agricultural industry.

  • A robotic assist in wind turbine blade manufacture

    Robotic assistance in the manufacture of wind turbine blades eliminates difficult working conditions for humans and can improve product consistency.

  • This wheel drive simplifies converting factory vehicles for automation

    Pelonis Technologies is introducing the XR15-W wheel drive solution that greatly simplifies vehicle automation.

  • Man overboard detection tech designed for maritime vessels and structures

    Currently deployed at sea on an oil rig for the first time, the person in water (PIW) detection system, dubbed Zoe, is designed to assist search and rescue operations at sea.

  • Unitree introduces its latest humanoid robot

    Powered by an imitation and reinforcement learning-driven model, the G1 resembles a more compact version of its predecessor, the H1, which is Unitree’s humanoid robot capable of executing backflips, kicking and sprinting as well as lifting heavy items.

  • Team using satellites to inspect roads, infrastructure for flaws

    Infrastructure monitoring using SAR remote sensing systems can be used to detect infrastructure damage early on via frequent checks by satellite, thereby promising to keep roads and other infrastructure safe for use.

  • Teledyne LeCroy debuts affordable oscilloscopes

    According to the company, the 12-bit high-definition oscilloscopes deliver exceptional performance at an affordable price.

  • ARKANCE and subsidiary US CAD acquire CADD Microsystems, extend US coverage

    The acquisition empowers U.S. architecture and engineering organizations to achieve higher levels of digitalization and innovation.

  • Boston Micro Fabrication launches industry’s first hybrid micro-precision 3D printer series

    This dual-resolution 3D printer delivers flexible, high-precision 3D printing of parts that require micron-level precision and repeatability.

  • Team develops new battery-free lactic acid sensor

    In the lab, the sensor successfully detected lactic acid — a by-product produced by the body when it metabolizes carbohydrates or glucose for fuel, for instance, during exercise.

  • How to conduct a supply chain audit: Step-by-step checklist

    Whether looking to reduce costs, improve supplier relationships or enhance compliance, this step-by-step checklist will guide users through conducting a thorough supply chain audit.

  • Leading-edge benchtop temperature test system launched by inTEST Corporation

    The portable, compact, powerful system delivers clean dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics and materials with a broad temperature range.

  • A weeding robot capable of autonomously removing seedlings

    The robot has been specifically designed to autonomously remove an invasive weed known as Rumex longifolius, which is rich in oxalates, compounds that can be poisonous to some livestock.

  • New robotic pump guides food through the esophagus

    The soft-robotic device is powered by magnets that are controlled by a wearable external actuator and can assist patients who suffer from blockages caused by tumors or those who require stents.

  • Team develops wireless health monitoring electronic suture system

    The team describes the electronic suture system as an implantable electronic device that resembles a common medical suture but that functions as a wireless strain sensor.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. launches pre-engineered robot work cell as a compact, cost-effective and intuitive solution to productivity challenges

    This robot has a small footprint, is fully configurable, and offers a broad array of options and preprogrammed software packages that enable the unit to be tailored to the application.

  • What are the secrets to a successful mechanical/automation partnership?

    Consider the significance of creativity in mechanical design, its application in automation design and examples of its implementation in existing solutions.

  • Precision resistance measurement challenges and solutions

    The M81-SSM synchronous source measure system is engineered to help overcome the challenges encountered during precision and low-level signal type resistance measurements.

  • AI device monitors household appliances to ensure safety of elderly, vulnerable residents

    The team employed machine learning to determine what time these household appliances are typically used and to identify anomalies that might suggest the elderly or vulnerable person living there alone needs medical assistance.

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