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  • Think tank calls on Congress to establish an AI in education center

    There are many opportunities associated with AI, yet it is important to vet the tools, establish threat monitoring and implement appropriate regulations to guide the integration of AI into an equitable education system.

  • AI-enabled drones to fight off pests on the farm

    The team sought an approach that consumed less time and energy by developing an automated flight protocol wherein drones could capture high-resolution images of pear orchards from a height of 26 ft above.

  • Camera tech identifies the facial cues of drunk drivers

    The researchers explained that the drivers represented a range of levels of alcohol intoxication, from sober to low intoxication and severely intoxicated. Those drivers were recorded while driving on a simulator.

  • Expedite mercury analysis in environmental samples

    No sample preparation is needed, and measurements take as little as six minutes.

  • COVAL upgrades its CVGC carbon vacuum gripper with an even more versatile second generation

    The cobot component is available in three sizes, two types of gripping interface and with or without an integrated vacuum generator.

  • Display tech promises to lead to realistic holograms in regular eyeglasses

    The new technology from Princeton University promises to lead to the creation of more detailed holograms no matter what direction the viewer is looking in or how fast they change direction.

  • Volvo announces updates with new series of excavators

    The initial launch includes multiple medium and large excavator models in North America — the ECR145 short swing, EC210, EC230, EC370, EC400 and EC500 crawler excavators — with more models coming in the next several month

  • Move over, Sam Malone: These robots can sling drinks and maybe lend an ear

    The hospitality industry is not immune to the so-called “rise of the robot." As a result, human bartenders might soon be competing with robots for serving brews, cocktails and wine.

  • Drones, AI to find lost hikers

    The researchers suggest that applying AI to drones currently used in search and rescue missions — thanks to their higher vantage points that allow for covering more land more quickly than searches conducted on foot — could improve recovery outcomes.

  • CO2Meter launches GasLab industrial fixed gas detector series

    The new industrial gas detector series features up to 128 sensor capabilities.

  • Measuring pH in hand sanitizer: Choosing the right sensor

    Consider these guidelines for measuring pH in hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based and contain components such as active ingredients, humectants and excipients.

  • Moog introduces DOV series: Advanced, durable valves with easy installation

    The compact design of the D92x and D93x series valves enables easy integration into existing systems, minimizing space requirements and streamlining installation.

  • 575 V, high-efficiency air-to-water heat pump launched by York

    The high-efficiency heat pump is now available in a 575 V model and is compliant with the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) requirements for pressurized equipment in certain provinces.

  • New mini excavator launched by DEVELON

    The DX17Z-7 can maneuver in tight work spaces with its compact size and features a retractable undercarriage with a collapsible dozer blade.

  • Pizza-making bot developed by Boeing engineer

    The aptly named Pzza system, built by Boeing engineer Omid Nakhjavani, can autonomously prepare dough, create a pizza base and apply sauce and toppings.

  • More power for enclosure cooling

    Benefit from an enclosure cooling solution, which combines power, efficiency and simplicity.

  • Educating an AI-ready workforce

    The annual program is designed to help build the next generation of AI-ready researchers.

  • New accessory: Flexible pulley for multiple deflection of pull wires over longer distances

    This emergency-stop function pulley is engineered for conveyors that go round bends, or other extensive and non-linear hazardous areas.

  • Comau presents its new cell formation and testing technologies at The Battery Show 2024

    The company will also present its latest developments in automated manufacturing systems for battery cells, modules and complete packs.

  • A spectroscopic stampede against illegal ivory trade

    The laser-based method devised to distinguish between illegal elephant ivory and legal mammoth tusk ivory can be of value in stemming illicit trade.

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