Supply Chain


  • WIDIA introduces the next generation in versatile end milling

    New solid end milling platform offers affordable performance and reliability in steel, stainless steel and cast-iron applications.

  • Orbex Group introduces ultra-small pancake-style gimbal motors

    The motors are wound to operate at low speeds typical for gimbals while exhibiting a high torque constant for fast response when needed.

  • Online tool enables convenient motor calculation

    The Express tool allows users to identify and select the right motor for their applications quickly and easily.

  • Robotic arm taught to autonomously push, pick objects

    According to the researchers, the technology can select and grasp the appropriate object with 97% accuracy, on average.

  • Watch how tethered drones automate apple picking

    Capable of operating day and night autonomously, the apple-picking drone can be monitored using GPS and mobile apps.

  • New collaborative robots for industrial applications launched by Yaskawa

    Industrial robot manufacturer Yaskawa Motoman has launched two new collaborative robots: the HC10DTP and HC20DTP.

  • Rod-style electric actuator designed to meet hygienic standards

    The actuators improve repeatability and reduce contamination potential of hygienic machine designs for the food, beverage, medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Robot for heavy payloads to ship in Q1 2022

    Designed to help manufacturers to increase output and maximize production line efficiency, the robot is powered by the FANUC R-30ib Plus Controller.

  • Video: Multi-cable bushing system with large clamping range solves high-density requirements

    Up to 30 entry points are available to accept cables, wires, conduits and pneumatics and media conduits.

  • Robust 36 mm encoder from Wachendorff

    The encoders are suited for high pressure/steam jet cleaning and are specially designed for applications in harsh environments.

  • NORD’s redesigned 100 frame asynchronous motors usher in a new era of modern engineering

    Redesigned 3 and 4 HP motors provide additional strength, stability and cooling advantages.

  • WALTER Surface Technologies launches new magnetic drilling unit to maximize safety on worksites

    A permanent magnet base in the drilling unit operates without electricity for continuous magnetic hold even during power shortages.

  • Video: Robotic hand deftly crushes cans, handles eggs

    During testing, the robotic hand could also press buttons, use tweezers to handle small objects, squeeze soccer balls and cut sheets of paper using scissors.

  • Faulhaber raises the bar with new AM3248 stepper motor

    Offering up to 10,000 rpm, the motor can achieve five times the speed of comparable stepper motors.

  • Video: DoraSorter helps FedEx drive smart logistics

    DoraSorter sorts parcels, weighing up to 10 kg each, according to destination via an onboard barcode scanner. It also features a drawer-shaped gripper that seamlessly connects with the conveyor belt.

  • Piedmont Plastics branches out in New York

    The distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube and film has its newest branch location just north of New York City.

  • Attend this AGMA detailed gear design course

    Explore all factors that go into good gear design from life cycle, load, torque, tooth, optimization and evaluating consequences.

  • WALTER increases US footprint by expanding its team of metal working field experts

    The provider of productivity and safety solutions for the metal working industry has expanded its solution expert team coverage across the U.S.

  • Video: New shafted miniature encoder for small spaces

    The high resolution encoder is about 40% smaller than the company's next smallest shafted encoder.

  • Magswitch introduces magnetic gripping cobot

    The integrated sensing technology can be used to determine or confirm that the proper part is picked. The parts are taught to the tool through a simple learning process.

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