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Supply Chain


  • How to conduct a supply chain audit: Step-by-step checklist

    Whether looking to reduce costs, improve supplier relationships or enhance compliance, this step-by-step checklist will guide users through conducting a thorough supply chain audit.

  • Camozzi Automation broadens series 6000 with advanced fittings featuring pre-applied PTFE sealant

    New super-rapid fittings feature pre-applied polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealant, expanding the utility and performance of the range.

  • A weeding robot capable of autonomously removing seedlings

    The robot has been specifically designed to autonomously remove an invasive weed known as Rumex longifolius, which is rich in oxalates, compounds that can be poisonous to some livestock.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. launches pre-engineered robot work cell as a compact, cost-effective and intuitive solution to productivity challenges

    This robot has a small footprint, is fully configurable, and offers a broad array of options and preprogrammed software packages that enable the unit to be tailored to the application.

  • What are the secrets to a successful mechanical/automation partnership?

    Consider the significance of creativity in mechanical design, its application in automation design and examples of its implementation in existing solutions.

  • New flush-mount stainless steel constant torque hinge: Smooth operation for a smooth surface

    The low-profile, corrosion-resistant design makes this an ideal solution for those who want to maximize safety, longevity and aesthetics.

  • New collaborative parallel gripper series CSSP

    This innovative plug-and-play gripper is perfectly compatible with leading cobot brands, making it easier than ever to automate operations.

  • Frozen cakes

    Device manufacturers with cryogenic applications require special conductor materials that will meet the challenges of extreme cold.

  • Emerson’s new laser welder automates assembly of small plastic parts with complex geometries

    The Branson GLX-1 platform offers an automation-friendly solution for clean, vibration-free welding that supports closed-loop product recycling.

  • How to track and improve network health with just one number

    Here’s what to know about overall network effectiveness (ONE), a new metric inspired by and modeled after overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)but designed specifically for networks.

  • NORD's heavy-duty, reliable drive systems tackle tough industrial applications

    These industrial automation solutions are engineered to work in unison for ultimate performance in demanding, heavy industrial environments.

  • Optimizing installation space and performance with thread tapping screws

    This round self-tapping screw with a trilobular tapping zone reduces the tapping torque when joining lightweight metals.

  • E-Z LOK to exhibit new metal inserts at IMTS 2024

    The company will highlight its new line of ultrasonic/heat-stake metal inserts and staking tools for plastics, which can be used for original equipment manufacturer builds as well as retrofits.

  • Igus honors energy chain applications as part of its ninth vector awards

    The biennial competition honors bold, exciting projects that incorporate Igus e-chain cable carriers made of high-performance plastics.

  • New tool could improve decisions surrounding the remanufacturing of laptops

    The team sought to create a decision support tool (DST) that could potentially improve sustainable laptop remanufacturing practices.

  • This quadruped robot can stand, walk and roll on its hind ‘legs’

    The W1 can travel on smooth roads, sidewalks and floors, by simply rolling on its wheels. In the event the W1 needs to step over an obstacle, travel across rough terrain or climb or descend stairs, the W1 will stop and lock up its wheels.

  • EXAIR’s new FloodStream liquid nozzle for spray applications in tight quarters

    Producing a deflected flat fan pattern, the FloodStream provides a consistent and proficient spray for precise coverage in close quarters.

  • Lucas Systems announces 100 billion warehouse picks

    The milestone is a culmination of industry longevity combined with tens of thousands of workers using sophisticated speech-recognition and optimization software.

  • Comau introduces MI.RA/OnePicker, a new and fully automated intelligent piece picking solution

    Vision-based piece picking autonomously grasps randomly placed heterogeneous objects.

  • The Keypanion app puts wireless access in the palm of your hand

    The wireless access control solution enables a simple plug and play system and allows users to share digital keys and manage equipment access from their phone.

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