Supply Chain


  • Video: Seco Tool reconditioning service grows by over 30%

    A Seco reconditioned tool regains 85% to 95% of its original performance compared to tools that are reground or resharpened.

  • Fastener Training Institute issues 2023 training schedule

    The schedule consists of nine in-person classes, three Fastener Training Weeks, webinars and specialty classes at Fastener Fair and the International Fastener Expo.

  • Components Express receives UL listing for new line of standard M12 cable assemblies

    The new UL-listed M12 cable assemblies come in standard lengths up to 15 m, with a variety of male-female and flying lead connector combinations on either end.

  • High purity T-342 diaphragm valve now includes sanitary adapters option

    These diaphragm valves are an ideal choice for high purity water systems, such as reverse osmosis/deionization applications and ultrapure water lines.

  • 5 tech trends manufacturers need on their side in 2023

    Learn the new tech trends of 2023 that every manufacturer needs to follow. Find out what they are and why they are essential to follow in the upcoming year.

  • ABB introduces its smallest industrial bot yet

    ABB’s IRB 1010 is an industrial robot with a 5.2-inch footprint and a reach of 14.5 inches designed for increasing production of small devices such as health trackers, smart watches, sensors and earphones in the manufacturing space.

  • Seco hydraulic chucks and reduction sleeves take the hassle out of tool holding

    With 360° tool-shank holding strength and precise centering, the hydraulic chucks and expansion sleeves ensure reliability, exceptional machining performance and maximized tool life.

  • Robots help consumers shop

    Called the PickUp Port, the technology lets consumers shop online and then retrieve their order directly from the AutoStore System with robots picking, organizing and storing items.

  • Optilogic launches first 100% SaaS-based supply chain design solution

    The Cosmic Frog solution enables optimization, simulation and risk analysis across an end-to-end supply chain in a single platform, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions beyond just cost.

  • Fully autonomous forklift to do the heavy lifting in warehouses

    The fully autonomous Apex 1400-L forklift can reportedly perform warehouse tasks associated with shipping, receiving, put away, replenishment and raw material movement, among others.

  • Smart Merchandise Picker to optimize warehouse space, productivity

    The aptly named Smart Merchandise Picker is a collaborative robot capable of gently picking and placing products ranging from stationery and office supplies to smartphones, tablets and boxed toys.

  • Amazon's new robot automates tasks in the warehouse

    The Sparrow bot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to recognize and handle millions of items of all shapes and sizes within the warehouse before they are packaged.

  • Optimizing installation space and performance with thread-tapping screws

    The combination of a trilobular shape in the tapping zone and the round cross-section in the load-bearing section optimizes thread-tapping screw fastenings.

  • CubeWorks debuts CubiSens XT1 for cold chain logistics

    Measuring 16 mm in diameter, the CubiSens XT1 is 100 times smaller than conventional data loggers, small enough to fit on any individual product that requires temperature monitoring.

  • Linear electric motors engineered for machine tools

    The brushless linear servo motors are designed specifically for continuous duty cycle applications in machine tools.

  • Elephant-trunk inspired robot gripper handles everything from boxes to needles

    To mimic how elephants pick up objects by pinching them with their trunk tip, the KIMM researchers devised a robot featuring a pinch-suction fusion mechanism thanks to its soft structure, stretchable thin walls and wires that enable the robot trunk to change shape.

  • Video: Hands-on training for the commercial HVAC sector

    The commercial HVAC training catalog offered by Interplay Learning, which supports online and virtual reality training for the essential skilled trades, has been expanded.

  • Tackle challenging applications with new Seco High Feed SP milling systems

    The tool optimizes such operations as copy milling, ramping, pocketing, face milling and plunging to further reduce tooling inventories.

  • Leak-tightness and technical cleanliness in screw fastenings

    The relationship between technical cleanliness and leak tightness plays a crucial role in the reliable performance of fastenings.

  • Video: Coval announces enhanced range of multi-stage vacuum pumps for heavy duty suction applications

    The pumps offer a robust and powerful solution for applications requiring a high suction flow rate for the vacuum handling of a wide variety of objects.

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