Supply Chain


  • DOBOT introduces its new SCARA collaborative robot

    The DOBOT M1 Pro is a new SCARA collaborative robot with improved human-machine collaboration and safety features compared to conventional robotic arms.

  • First electric chain hoist with remote monitoring and wireless programming introduced

    Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of intelligent motion solutions for material handling, has announced that its Intelli-Connect Diagnostics and Analytics technology is now available on the CM Lodestar VS Electric Chain Hoist.

  • Checkpoint assesses recyclability of its product labels

    Checkpoint sought to check the recyclability of its labels via a series of technical tests conducted by PTS, a German research consultancy.

  • Cosen Saws solution for cutting aluminum

    With V_Drive technology, these band saws also cut harder, denser materials like titanium, hastelloy and other nickel-based metals at significantly increased rates.

  • Eagle Stainless celebrates 40 years in business

    The company has gained much experience in supplying stainless steel tubing and other metals to the medical, aerospace and industrial industries.

  • Video: Seco machine monitoring maximizes manufacturing efficiency

    Manufacturers receive the data-driven knowledge needed to manage production efficiency and increase output volume and product quality.

  • Continental launches the new Conti Load Sense monitoring system

    The radar sensor requires less maintenance and is less sensitive to external influences like dust, rain and vibrations, which could negatively affect the measurement results.

  • Boston Micro Fabrication inks partnership with Shree Rapid Technologies

    The venture brings micro-precision 3D printers utilizing projection micro stereolithography to manufacturers in India.

  • Watch this robotic handle jostle and rotate objects

    The robotic hand with an adaptive grip is capable of fully rotating objects thanks to a combination of a tendon-driven underactuated transmission and a camera that monitors the real-time position of objects in its hand.

  • Ensuring the sustainability of joining technology

    An initiative launched by Arnold Group helps customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions by ensuring that fasteners and cold-form parts are designed and implemented sustainably.

  • This manufacturer earned UL approval for halogen-free TPE cables

    The halogen-free TPE jacket compounds minimize premature aging of the outer jacket by a factor of up to 10.

  • Small linear motor modules and axes as modular system

    Miniaturized linear motor axes and modules are suitable for a range of tasks in laboratory automation.

  • tSort3D autonomous mobile robot for warehouses launched by Tompkins Robotics

    Designed for e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and reverse logistics, the tSort3D can handle and sort a variety of products.

  • Report: Number of manufacturing robots doubled across the globe

    The presence of industrial robots in global manufacturing settings reportedly increased, from 66 robots per 10,000 employees in 2015 to 126 robots per 10,000 employees in 2020, on average.

  • Video: Torque wrench communicates for accurate screw connections

    The electronic torque wrench is ideal for all stan­dard mea­sur­ing processes to use in qual­ity as­sur­ance, process op­ti­mi­za­tion, re­search and de­vel­op­ment.

  • Video: New flow-hole forming screw extends application scope

    The flow-hole-forming screw is designed for higher-strength steel sheets and thicker sheet combinations.

  • Custom air knives for unique applications

    Air knives can be tailored for diverse blowoff, cooling, cleaning and drying applications.

  • IDENTCO labeling solutions meet the most demanding customer requirements

    A product labeling system must now perform multiple functions including product tracking, tracing, branding, compliance, and identification.

  • High capacity cordless blind riveter for the sheet metal toolbox

    A brushless motor drives a mechanical ball-screw gear system that performs even for demanding applications.

  • Robots moving into the manufacturing space

    Follow along with Engineering360 to see some of the more recent examples of technology automating the manufacturing space.

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