Supply Chain


  • Video: Coval announces enhanced range of multi-stage vacuum pumps for heavy duty suction applications

    The pumps offer a robust and powerful solution for applications requiring a high suction flow rate for the vacuum handling of a wide variety of objects.

  • EU project to develop smart bio-based food packaging

    The BIOSMART Project seeks to reduce plastic wrapping associated with food, thereby reducing waste and extending the shelf-life of food.

  • Video: Next-generation bolt tensioner is 30% faster to install

    Fewer, stronger jackbolts than any other multi-jackbolt tensioner makes the Superbolt NXT up to 30% faster to install.

  • Robot uses tentacles to hold objects in its grip

    The robot’s foot-long filaments, according to its developers, are hollow pneumatic rubber tubes. One side of the tube features a thicker layer of rubber than the other side so that when the tube is pressurized, it curls.

  • FreshProof project to monitor produce at all stages of the food supply chain

    Project FreshProof aims to determine more accurate “use by” and “best by” dates for fresh produce using a system of sensors and hyperspectral cameras that monitor fresh produce all along the food supply chain.

  • Smart Robotics unveils three new Smart Palletizers

    Smart Robotics’ new Smart Palletizer is now available in three versions: the Essential Version, the Advanced Version and the Premium Version.

  • Seco Helical SN8-13 milling system delivers performance at a lower cost per edge

    The milling system cutters lower cost per edge to boost slotting, side milling and circular rough milling efficiency.

  • ABB launches IRB 365 FlexPicker

    The IRB 365 has been developed for applications including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, where production line speed and adaptability are essential.

  • Chemical signatures reveal origins of seafood to thwart seafood fraud

    Following a series of tests, the team determined that the global map — otherwise known as an "isoscape" — can be used to identify the origins of several marine animals living in assorted latitudes.

  • Battery-powered truck refrigeration delivers just desserts

    The system proved sweetly successful, transporting ice cream by truck during a nine-month trial and resulting in reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • New 32 kN tools and jaws from RLS

    New 32 kN jaws are compatible with most of the larger press tools currently in widespread use for HVAC and refrigeration applications.

  • Video: Gain versatility and reduce costs with Seco X-Head quick-change milling head system

    Users can quickly and easily change between various solid-carbide milling geometries and types to optimize milling operations while reducing manufacturing costs and tooling inventories.

  • New robot picks and places fashion

    The Smart Fashion Picker robot is based on Smart Robotics’ line of pick and place robots, which perform repetitive tasks in the warehouse and manufacturing spaces.

  • AGILOX North America opens new Client Experience and Fulfillment Center

    The facility supports an expanded workforce and fulfillment capabilities as well as a robotics training academy.

  • World's most compact Ethernet/IP encoder

    Encoders with the Ethernet/IP protocol are now available, including the most compact in the world.

  • Unbox Robotics launches vertical robotics sortation solution

    “UnboxSort” is described by Unbox Robotics as a “swarm intelligence-powered Industry 4.0 plug-and-play robotics solution.”

  • Long-lasting pneumatic clamps from JW Winco

    Pneumatic clamps from JW Winco have received a number of updates aimed primarily at a longer lifespan.

  • New sorting robot to make its warehouse debut

    The SortIE sorter robot is a fully autonomous robotic sorting system designed for order fulfillment.

  • Orbex offers standard IP65 slip rings with short lead times

    These slip rings provide washdown tolerance in many food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

  • IronOrbit to showcase GPU tech to future-proof businesses at Autodesk University 2022

    The company will highlight the performance of its GPU-accelerated INFINITY Workspaces at the three-day conference.

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