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Supply Chain


  • The Keypanion app puts wireless access in the palm of your hand

    The wireless access control solution enables a simple plug and play system and allows users to share digital keys and manage equipment access from their phone.

  • WALTER Surface Technologies unveils the new Super Singles Variable retrofit welding lens

    The range of visible light increases when looking through the welding lens, providing users with a more defined view of their work area and helping to improve weld quality and reduce rework.

  • At least 60 million strokes

    A compact automation system optimized for small parts assembly relies on linear and rotating micromotors from FAULHABER to perform key tasks.

  • Introducing the SoloCUE Flow Device Manager mobile app

    Save time during commissioning and troubleshooting by connecting via Bluetooth without reopening a meter enclosure.

  • Hy-Tek Intralogistics unveils its IntraOne Platform

    The interconnected system of logistics products and services enables companies to maximize their distribution and warehousing operations.

  • 5 strategies for systems integration in smart manufacturing

    As industries increasingly move toward digitization and automation, understanding and implementing these strategies will be pivotal for businesses looking to maintain competitiveness in the evolving manufacturing landscape.

  • A quadruped robot that can simultaneously walk and handle objects

    The quadruped, dubbed LocoMan, is reportedly highly dexterous and capable of performing an assortment of manipulation tasks.

  • Seco Tool Comparison web portal puts power in hands of customers

    Users can choose between turning, milling and holemaking tools and specify the different grades, chip breakers and materials that they might be using in their process.

  • Unlocking efficiency: NORD introduces gear motor QR codes for faster access to product information

    The QR codes enable users to quickly access product specifications, documentation and request services for their specific unit.

  • Watch Southco's auto interior positioning hinge and latch animation

    The hinge offers a new solution for mounting small lids and display screens that need to be lifted and held securely in place, at any angle.

  • Taco offers ideal pressure boosting solution

    These solutions include an integral controller in every drive, electrical mechanical disconnect and grooved pipe coupling system for easy maintenance and reconfiguration.

  • ROLEC’s cutting-edge IP-rated plastic enclosures: TechnoPLUS and TechnoDISC

    Pole-mountable TechnoPLUS is ideal for outdoor locations, industrial internet of things, measurement and hubs, while TechnoDISC is perfect for instrumentation, measurement and marine electronics.

  • Tech Rim Standards unveils its end of arm tooling (EOAT) demonstration at Automate 2024

    A live demonstration will spotlight the products and capabilities of Tech-Effector.

  • COVAL launches new generation of multi-stage mini vacuum pumps: The CMS M series

    These compact pumps offer an optimum solution for industrial applications, which require high suction flow rates.

  • Mettler Toledo launches new generation of laboratory balances

    A broad range of balance models meets the needs of every user, industry and workplace, from advanced weighing requirements to the most essential weighing needs.

  • Live from Sweden: Looking at the practical side of production

    During the two-and-a-half hour live broadcast, Sejfo and Eplan will show how the automation technology of a new production plant was designed.

  • How to select the right electric heating element: What to know when choosing a heater

    Answering these questions will ensure that the right heater is selected and that it is applied correctly in a specific application.

  • Innovation in motion: Introducing band heaters with versatile design

    Mica and ceramic band heaters can be customized to include different voltages, power levels and sizes based on application requirements.

  • Cobots in the manufacturing space

    Follow along with GlobalSpec for a review of some of the cobots currently employed in the manufacturing space.

  • Rittal announces colocation rack initiative to meet the growing demand for colocation market

    Through the use of standardized components, the TS IT Colo enables a simple and flexible system installation, as well as scalable expansion of an existing data center at any time.

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