Supply Chain


  • Black-I Robotics introduces its Fullscope Mobile Heavy Lift Arm

    The heavy lift pick and place arm originally stemmed from a project that U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded to Black-I.

  • Video: Squid-inspired film developed by UCI

    By mimicking how cephalopods, or squid, alter their chromatophore size to camouflage their bodies, the researchers were able to develop an infrared-reflecting metallized polymer film capable of tunable thermoregulation.

  • Rittal RiPanel online tool makes it easy to individually configure industrial enclosures

    The tool makes it easy for machine and control system design engineers to individually configure industrial enclosures.

  • Smart System belt actuators from Rollon keep automated equipment productive and reliable

    A new design supports heavy loads and ensures low maintenance operation in automated manufacturing, packaging machines and food and beverage equipment.

  • World’s smartest autonomous forklift launched by OTTO Motors

    OTTO Lifter is a smart autonomous forklift that easily navigates through crowded and dynamic environments and improves safety in warehouses and facilities.

  • Dunkermotoren is exhibitor at MD&M West

    Dunkermotoren’s product portfolio includes brushless and brushed DC motors up to 5 kW, AC motors and linear systems.

  • Watch as Geek+ launches its four-way shuttle warehouse storage and picking solution

    The solution uses Geek+’s X-series four-way shuttle robots to boost storage density while devoting the ground floor to picking operations entrusted to the flagship P800 robots.

  • Continued expansion expected for global fasteners market

    The global market for industrial fasteners, estimated at $69.7 billion in the year 2022, is projected to reach $87.3 billion by the year 2026.

  • Rollon’s new digital platform delivers fast product selection

    The redesigned website provides access to myRollon, the digital configurator tailored to the needs of linear motion system designers.

  • US supply chain road map for offshore wind energy

    Challenges and solutions to developing a nationally focused offshore wind energy supply chain required to meet a 30 GW target by 2030 are explored.

  • DESTACO unveils front-mount-base manual clamp models

    A new design offers four options for horizontal or vertical handle action.

  • Video: Transformer-like robot preparing for deliveries

    Featuring both legs and wheels, the delivery robot can travel up to almost 14 mph while carrying payloads up to 110 lbs, according to its developers.

  • More OCT hybrid cables for drag chain use

    The assembled hybrid cables are suitable for servo drives in the industrial environment, such as in mechanical and plant engineering as well as for transport and conveyor technology.

  • Pilot course to advance technician skills, fiber deployments across North America

    This course covers the fundamental principles of how to properly install, test and maintain fiber optic networks.

  • IKO’s new LWLF2 miniature linear guides simplify mounting in tight spaces

    The new series is appropriate for robotics and grippers, semiconductor fabrication, life science and aerospace applications.

  • Report: Insights on global heat exchanger market to 2027

    Key trends in each sub-segment of the global heat exchanger market, along with forecasts at the global, regional and country level, are included for the 2022 to 2027 period.

  • ABB introduces material handling robots for EV battery production

    ABB’s new robots can be used in the manufacture of electric vehicle (EVs), performing such tasks as battery module picking and placing, assembly and parts handling.

  • MODEX 2022 to feature forum about women in the supply chain industry

    The forum will feature interactive workshops, conversations, exercises and networking opportunities, according to its hosts. Discussions will reportedly focus specifically on topics surrounding leadership and team building.

  • Video: Robotic arm bends with help from AR smart goggles

    The system, according to researchers, is appropriate for manufacturing, building and vehicle maintenance, and injury rehabilitation applications.

  • Invata introduces its new line of warehouse robots

    INVATABOTICS fleet will provide enhanced automation processing capabilities to order fulfillment, returns processing, mobile storage and retrieval, sortation and transportation, and pallet, case, tote and unit picking.

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