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  • New nylon constant torque hinge from Southco provides position control in a compact package

    Southco has expanded its successful line of E6 Constant Torque Hinges with a compact, nylon version designed for small applications.

  • The most compact motion control system on the market

    The new system represents the world's smallest integrated motion controller.

  • E-Z LOK threaded inserts for hardwood

    Suited for use in hardwoods like oak, cherry and maple, these inserts are ideal wherever assembly or disassembly could cause thread erosion or stripping.

  • New Rosenberg I-Series impeller design increases airflow and efficiency, cuts noise by half

    The new impeller increases efficiencies by up to 11% while reducing noise levels by more than half compared to older impellers.

  • Revolutionizing sustainability: Igus unveils AI-driven solutions for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe

    The company will showcase pioneering solutions for the lubrication-free and carbon dioxide-neutral industry and automation of tomorrow.

  • Quickparts achieves global ISO 27001:2022 certification, highlighting commitment to information security

    The certification signifies that Quickparts has implemented a robust Information Security Management System that meets the highest international standards.

  • How to select the proper pin for an application

    Learn how to select the proper press fit pin, the most common types of pins used in modern manufacturing, for an application.

  • Enhance environmental and operational safety with PFAS-free chainflex cables from Igus

    The “PFAS-free” label signifies that chainflex cables are devoid of these hazardous chemicals, safeguarding customer operations without needing product disposal or replacement if bans are implemented.

  • Allrounder 720 A: Efficient injection compression molding of IML thin-walled cups

    An electric Allrounder 720 A in the "Ultimate" performance variant demonstrates at NPE 2024 that high-quality injection molding technology can be an alternative to thermoforming.

  • Ultra-low profile XY-Theta nanopositioning stage uses air bearings

    Unlike conventional multi-axis stages, the A-361 employs only one moving platform shared among all three axes.

  • Arburg at Chinaplas 2024: Allrounder 1600 T automated rotary table application for the mobility sector

    The combination of rotary table machine and automated parts handling produces a high-end application that is extremely attractive for many industries.

  • New retractable submerged pumps

    These pumps offer the advantage of easy maintenance without the need for tank draining and reclamation.

  • Arburg at NPE 2024: Allrounder More turnkey system producing two-component eyeglasses

    The company will demonstrate its expertise in multi-component injection molding, liquid silicone rubber processing, automation and networked production.

  • Solving screw fastening challenges for machine builders

    Add fastener handling and installation expertise to integration teams by working with a company that specializes in fastening automation.

  • WALTER Surface Technologies announces “Pick Up Our Tooling Solutions” Sweepstakes

    Customers can enter codes found on specially marked packages of WALTER, DRILLCO and TRIUMPH drill and carbide burr sets online for a chance to win.

  • Batteries built with biomaterials

    Wood, agricultural wastes and other low-cost carbon sources now serve as composite anode ingredients in a process pioneered by material solutions provider X-BATT.

  • Enidine HD/HDN series shock absorbers deliver heavy duty deceleration

    Protect critical equipment like overhead bridges, trolley cranes and automated storage and retrieval systems from the damage of large impacts.

  • Maximizing precision: The power of Vlier's LMS anti-vibration leveler

    Discover how this frequency-tuned, swivel-style leveling device offers unparalleled control over vibrations, shock attenuation and noise reduction.

  • The 10 key elements of successful highly accelerated life testing

    Conduct successful highly accelerated life tests by adhering to these key procedural planning and implementation guidelines.

  • Michigan researchers introduce a tri-pedal, skating robot

    Dubbed SKOOTR, the tri-pedal skating robot is, according to its developers, more stable than similar three-legged robots, which are often unstable due to the absence of a fourth leg for balance.

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