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Materials and Chemicals


  • Hernon Manufacturing to show dispensing and adhesive innovations at ASSEMBLY Show South

    Hernon will showcase its latest innovations, including the Autosealer 2600 dispensing system, INSTANTBOND adhesives, REACT reactive adhesives and Sureshot 2200 dispensing valves.

  • Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes: Engineering marvels shaping modern industry

    Consider the multifaceted significance of silicone pressure-sensitive tapes and explore their myriad applications and the pivotal roles they play across diverse industries.

  • Electrode fixing tapes for electric vehicle battery cells

    The tapes are engineered to enhance the safety and efficiency in electric vehicle batteries.

  • Five most common pain points when measuring pH

    Discover best practices for accurately performing pH measurements.

  • Hernon receives Mexico Technology Award for breakthrough UV curable adhesive for versatile plastic sealing

    The sealant was recognized for its ability to form a robust, water-tight bond with outstanding environmental resistance, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various applications.

  • Fundamentals of fiber-reinforced composites

    One of the most common materials structures is a fiber-reinforced composite, consisting of a network of small rods, cylinders or fibers that are immersed in a matrix.

  • Empowering electronics assembly: Introducing ALPHA Innolot MXE alloy

    The alloy delivers exceptional thermal cycling, vibration and drop shock performance.

  • Arburg at rapid+tct 2024: Reliable 3D printing of components for aerospace and medical

    Arburg will highlight use of the Freeformer 750-3X to process plastic pellets for medical and aerospace components.

  • Materials solutions in EV batteries

    Current trends and projections for the EV market are addressed as are material science design challenges for EVs, focusing on batteries.

  • Cool paint can take the urban heat

    A field study was conducted in the tropical environment of Singapore to gauge the urban heat reduction efficacy of cool paint coatings.

  • System simplifies battery-in-device recycling

    The system shreds battery-containing devices and sorts materials into three fractions based on their density.

  • Material solutions for ADAS

    Functional materials specified for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) include gaskets, thermal interface materials and films for light management and lens protection.

  • Preventing thermal runaway at every level of EV battery assembly

    Discover how Boyd creates robust thermal runaway protection solutions for multiple battery types, including pouch cell, cylindrical cell and prismatic cell batteries.

  • Company creates polish (grinding) method for processing internal gears for mass-production

    The company has achieved positive results to secure the level of accuracy and production that conventional grinding, honing or skiving methods could not.

  • New window coating blocks heat at all angles

    Capable of being incorporated onto existing windows or automobiles and subsequently reducing the costs associated with air-conditioning by more than one-third in hot climates, the coating also maintains its efficiency despite the sun’s position in the sky.

  • Meltio debuts blue laser 3D printer created with wire-laser metal

    The Meltio M600 machine is expected to solve common manufacturing issues such as long lead times, high stock-keeping costs and “fragile” supply chains.

  • Signatrol introduces new button-style data loggers

    The self-contained and easy to use next generation SL60 data loggers work with Signatrol’s TempIT5 software and offer improvements on the company’s existing SL50.

  • New refrigerator runs by flexing its artificial muscles

    The refrigerator is a compact prototype that demonstrates the new cooling technology, which works according to the elastocaloric principle wherein heat is removed from a region via stretching wires and thus releasing them.

  • Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

    A lithium battery cell's cathode materials and metals can add 30% to 40% to the price tag, whereas anode materials usually make up around 10% to 15% of the overall cost.

  • Arburg at Chinaplas 2024: Additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing with the Freeformer

    A Freeformer 300-3X will demonstrate how additive end-of-arm tooling for various robotic systems and handling tasks can be 3D printed on demand quickly and cost-effectively.

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