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Materials and Chemicals


  • The critical role of composite insulators in electricity transmission

    Better power transmission efficiency over longer distances with less energy loss and cheaper costs is achieved by their exceptional weather resistance, which lowers leakage current.

  • Longer range, faster charging, longer life: Integrals Power develops battery cell cathode materials that will transform electric vehicles

    The U.K.-based company is developing a range of high-performance cathode active materials that will enable batteries to become smaller, lighter and more durable.

  • Color-changing window ‘sunglasses' block out the heat

    The electrochromic coatings — which function as so-called sunglasses for windows — change color on demand and subsequently prevent light from entering a space, thereby keeping it cool.

  • The first large-scale electric steam cracker

    The technology will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and enable greater reliance on renewable energy within the chemical industry.

  • Now in print: Stretchable conductors

    The printing of conductors has arisen as a more eco-friendly, adaptable and economical substitute for conventional production methods, as materials are only placed where they are required, reducing wastage.

  • Sound-blocking silk promises to suppress noise up to 75%

    Making this possible is a fiber within the thin silk fabric that is activated once an electrical charge is applied. According to its developers, the fabric will start shaking in response to sound, and will subsequently buffer noise.

  • Hydrogel tackles waterborne microplastics

    The sustainable hydrogel has a unique intertwined polymer network that can bind and degrade microplastics using ultraviolet light irradiation.

  • Video demonstration of silver-filled epoxy for EMI/RFI shielding

    Master Bond EP4S-80 is a one component, silver-filled epoxy for bonding, sealing and coating.

  • Apple Rubber: Innovating sealing solutions from design to delivery

    Here is how Apple Rubber's manufacturing capabilities sets them apart in the world of sealing solutions.

  • Optimize industrial processes with high-temperature seals

    Thermal insulation materials make effective seals for energy efficiency, reduction in downtime and increased personnel safety.

  • Using olivine in cement manufacturing could result in carbon-negative concrete

    To make this determination, the team of engineers experimented with cement mixing, which led to an approach for producing concrete in a more climate-friendly manner.

  • Hexcel and Fairmat bolster sustainability efforts by expanding composite material recycling in the US

    Fairmat will recycle Hexcel carbon fiber composite material scrap at their new site.

  • De Dietrich Process Systems scales up with the acquisition of HEINKEL Group

    Through this acquisition, the group becomes the global leader in the fields of solid-liquid separation and the drying of active ingredients.

  • A bendable robot that can split, rejoin, haul cargo and crawl through mazes

    Engineers at Princeton and North Carolina State Universities have developed a soft robot that easily bends and twists arounds mazes.

  • Monport introduces its Mobility Protrude series

    This series of compact CO2 laser engravers reportedly offers comparable performance to standard CO2 models, but the physical dimensions are very different.

  • How not to kill your sensor: Seven mistakes to avoid to prevent pH sensor damage

    These simple practices guarantee that a pH sensor remains in excellent condition, providing reliable and accurate results that can influence the success of scientific endeavors.

  • Stainless-steel conduit: A solution for any harsh environment

    Stainless steel alloys are the best choice in material for applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Fonon's Zero Width Laser Cutting solution eyed for flat panel display manufacturing

    Fonon is reportedly well-positioned to benefit from FPD market as its patented ZWLCT is a solution suited to the intricacy of cutting brittle materials like glass for FPDs with no material loss and a clean edge.

  • New auto dilution system to transform lab efficiency

    The automation workflow solution is designed to increase productivity, lower cost of ownership and improve the overall efficiency within the laboratory.

  • Brewer Science presents innovative material solutions for compound semiconductor manufacturing at CS Mantech

    Explore cutting-edge material solutions designed to address the unique challenges of compound semiconductor manufacturing.

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