Wind turbine maker Vestas said it will offer two versions of a 5.6 megawatt (MW) machine, the company's first new turbine platform since 2011.

The EnVentus platform is based on modular design concepts first introduced in 2012, and is intended to provide a turbine configuration to handle a range of wind conditions.

The modular platform is expected to create increased scale advantages and opportunities to optimize supply chain needs, such as design cycles and transportation.

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The platform’s first two variants, the V162-5.6 MW and V150-5.6 MW, will include a full-scale converter, capable of meeting a range of grid requirements in local markets, a permanent magnet generator and a medium-speed drivetrain.

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In a statement, Vestas said the V162-5.6 MW offers 26% higher annual energy production than its smaller V150-4.2 MW, depending on site-specific conditions. The new turbine's primary market is expected to be low to medium wind condition areas. The first V162-5.6 MW prototype is expected to be installed in mid-2020, with production to begin later that year.

The V150-5.6 MW takes the company's existing 150 m rotor and applies it to higher wind speeds. The turbine is expected to increase annual energy production potential by 30% compared to the V136-4.2 MW model, and is primarily built for medium to high wind conditions. The first V150-5.6 MW prototype is expected to be installed in the second half of 2019, while serial production is scheduled for mid-2020.

Initially, the new variants are targeted at the onshore market, but may have offshore applicability, the company said.