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Material Handling and Packaging


  • Licensing Deal Could See RoboGlove Developed for Health, Industrial Applications

    The RoboGlove uses sensors, actuators and tendons that are comparable to the nerves, muscles and tendons in a human hand to allow the wearer to hold a grip longer and more comfortably.

  • Disposable, Optical Humidity Sensor Developed

    Disposable optical sensor uses ultra-thin layers of graphene oxide films to monitor humidity levels of ambient air.

  • Compostable Closed-Cell Foam Is Created

    A fully compostable particle foam is developed by BASF.

  • Canisters Help to Mask Product Odors

    The technology embeds food-grade flavors directly into a plastic canister.

  • Taking 3D Printing to Air

    The approach may offer a means to create customized biomedical and electronic devices that don’t rely on a rigid substrate or a flat plane.

  • Complex Color 3D Models Simplified by Disney Team

    A new technique allows for fast, inexpensive and complex color 3D replication.

  • PVdC-Free Food Packing Film

    The new film combines Toray’s CBS2 film and co-extruded BOPP

  • Coating Offers 90-Month Fouling Control

    The coating is designed for deep sea vessels and has been trialed in high-risk fouling routes between the Arabian Gulf and South East Asia.

  • Software Aims to Enhance Blister Pack Accuracy

    Omnicell has released software that it claims increases the accuracy of hand packing blister cards.

  • 360-Degree Radar Helps People, Robots Work Together Safely

    IAF’s 360-degree radar can penetrate optically opaque material, which means it can identify an employee even if there are boxes, cardboard walls or other obstacles in the way.

  • Plastic Pallet Offers a Built-in Scale

    The pallet from Goplasticpallets.com is made with plastic and incorporates a scale built into the top deck.

  • Stand-Up Food Pouch for the Oven

    This latest package is a stand-up pouch printed in heat resistant ink that’s engineered to permit freezer storage as well as cooking directly in the bag.

  • Cracking Eggs for Stronger Bioplastic

    Researchers are looking at eggshell waste as a way to strengthen biodegradable packaging.

  • Plasma Barrier for Injection Molding

    The coating acts as a barrier to gases, vapors and chemicals, protecting food and extending shelf life by preventing oxidation.

  • Packaging Partnership Produces Pastry Packs

    The lineup means bakery customers will not have to buy trays and lids from different suppliers.

  • Shrink Sleeve Label Improves Bottle Recyclability

    The film features a specific gravity of less than 1 and lower density than traditional shrink sleeve films.

  • Internal Powder Liner for Aluminum Aerosol Cans

    The coating helps aluminum can makers meet sustainability goals and environmental regulations for VOC emissions.

  • Robots Break Free from the Factory--Part 2

    In this second of a two-part conversation, the legendary Red Whittaker talks about some of the projects underway at his own company RedZone.

  • Metal Powder Group’s Founder Dies

    Kempton H. Roll died on Nov. 4, 2015, following a short illness. He was 92 years old.

  • 3D Printed Drone Tops 150mph at Dubai Air Show

    Stratasys and Aurora Flight Sciences unveiled a drone aircraft built using lightweight materials to achieve speeds in excess of 150 mph.

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