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Material Handling and Packaging


  • Zero emission goals for port equipment and infrastructure, building on Singapore and Long Beach examples

    Cleaner air and efficient operations at ports in California and Singapore are delivered with Quick Charging Connector systems from Staubli Electrical Connectors.

  • Sheet metal fabrication demystified

    Core and advanced processes in sheet metal fabrication are explained to underscore what makes this a preferred choice for high-quality metal products.

  • Plus One announces its InductOne: A dual-arm automated parcel induction solution

    InductOne's two arms can achieve sustained pick rates of 2,200 to 2,300 per hour. The peak rate maxes out at 3,300 picks per hour, 10% faster than Plus One’s competitors.

  • Video: Mitsubishi Electric achieves Guinness World Record for fastest robot to solve a puzzle cube

    A project team of young engineers beat the previous record by 0.075 seconds using a robot equipped with high-speed, high-precision factory automation equipment and control technology.

  • The curious history of robots

    From the first robotic arm to bipedal humanoids that can act.

  • Ensuring food hose assembly safety through 3-A Sanitary Standards

    The 3-A Sanitary Standards Organization is growing in attention as a requirement by a wide variety of food and beverage producers.

  • Optimizing logistics: LogiDrive by NORD — A complete drive solution

    Developed for intralogistics, the standardized LogiDrive solution focuses on energy efficiency, variant reduction and lowering total cost of ownership.

  • COVAL upgrades its CVGC carbon vacuum gripper with an even more versatile second generation

    The cobot component is available in three sizes, two types of gripping interface and with or without an integrated vacuum generator.

  • New accessory: Flexible pulley for multiple deflection of pull wires over longer distances

    This emergency-stop function pulley is engineered for conveyors that go round bends, or other extensive and non-linear hazardous areas.

  • Team develops a spider leg-inspired soft robot

    During tests in the lab, the new soft robot touched assorted delicate objects — specifically a primrose stamen, spider web and pollen grain — without damaging them.

  • This wheel drive simplifies converting factory vehicles for automation

    Pelonis Technologies is introducing the XR15-W wheel drive solution that greatly simplifies vehicle automation.

  • AZCO adds Mini-Winder to machine offering with S-Y-M Products Company acquisition

    The compact and easy to implement motorized Mini-Winder is capable of winding rolls of flexible tubing material into individual coils.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. launches pre-engineered robot work cell as a compact, cost-effective and intuitive solution to productivity challenges

    This robot has a small footprint, is fully configurable, and offers a broad array of options and preprogrammed software packages that enable the unit to be tailored to the application.

  • New collaborative parallel gripper series CSSP

    This innovative plug-and-play gripper is perfectly compatible with leading cobot brands, making it easier than ever to automate operations.

  • NORD's heavy-duty, reliable drive systems tackle tough industrial applications

    These industrial automation solutions are engineered to work in unison for ultimate performance in demanding, heavy industrial environments.

  • Fonon's Zero Width Laser Cutting solution eyed for flat panel display manufacturing

    Fonon is reportedly well-positioned to benefit from FPD market as its patented ZWLCT is a solution suited to the intricacy of cutting brittle materials like glass for FPDs with no material loss and a clean edge.

  • Lucas Systems announces 100 billion warehouse picks

    The milestone is a culmination of industry longevity combined with tens of thousands of workers using sophisticated speech-recognition and optimization software.

  • Comau introduces MI.RA/OnePicker, a new and fully automated intelligent piece picking solution

    Vision-based piece picking autonomously grasps randomly placed heterogeneous objects.

  • Hy-Tek Intralogistics unveils its IntraOne Platform

    The interconnected system of logistics products and services enables companies to maximize their distribution and warehousing operations.

  • A new line of thinking: Integrated conveyor solutions at Dynamic Conveyor booth at NPE

    Integrated conveyor solutions that foster a new line of thinking for the plastics industry will be on display at the event in Orlando, Florida.

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