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  • Overrange: A crucial rotary torquemeter parameter

    Understand the importance of specifying overrange ratings to ensure optimal torquemeter performance.

  • Five most common pain points when measuring pH

    Discover best practices for accurately performing pH measurements.

  • How to bring structured illumination to a standard microscope

    Convert a conventional optical microscope into a high-resolution structured illumination microscopy instrument by following these open-source guidelines.

  • Study: Far-UVC light eliminates airborne virus in an occupied room

    Unlike conventional germicidal UVC light — which kills viruses and bacteria but can only typically be used in unoccupied rooms because direct exposure to it can potentially harm skin and eyes — far-UVC light can be used in occupied spaces.

  • The chemicals contaminating European streams

    The extent of anthropogenic chemical contamination in European riverine systems has been gauged through analysis of 445 samples from 22 watercourses.

  • Expanding your insights: Selecting your next digital microscope

    Discover how comprehensive features, advantages and support options of advanced models like the DSX1000 digital microscope can revolutionize scientific and industrial research.

  • Look out below: The US east coast is steadily subsiding

    The rate of subsidence in some areas exceeds that of global sea level rise, approaching 5 mm/year.

  • Grid compliance test bench for wind turbines

    A new power hardware-in-the-loop test bench for grid compliance testing of power electric drivetrains eliminates the need for field trials.

  • Comparing thermocouples versus RTD

    Temperature measurement is very crucial to the desirable operation of several processes across different engineering industries today.

  • Choosing the right pH meter: Key considerations for accurate and reliable measurements

    Consider these factors in selecting the optimal pH meter for a specific application.

  • AI expedites catalysis lab research

    The combination of AI and automated systems can deliver more information in five days than is possible in six months of conventional testing.

  • The 10 key elements of successful highly accelerated life testing

    Conduct successful highly accelerated life tests by adhering to these key procedural planning and implementation guidelines.

  • 11 important application specifications to review for effective machine vision

    This list reviews 11 specifications and the variables to watch out for when building a complete vision system.

  • Leak tightness and technical cleanliness of screw fasteners

    Especially in electromobility applications, the relationship between technical cleanliness and leak-tightness plays a vital role in ensuring that fastenings perform reliably.

  • pH measurement in bioprocessing

    Discover why pH is a critical process parameter when producing and harvesting biological material.

  • Ion chromatography system improves functional adaptability in the lab

    The instrument is easily reconfigurable to streamline operations for users who require the determination of ionic and small polar compounds.

  • MSI Viking announces partnership with QC Training Services

    The partnership will expand coverage of quality topics in metrology insights and training opportunities.

  • Why accurate pH and conductivity measurements are critical for battery manufacturing

    Explore how the performance and longevity of a battery are heavily dependent on one critical parameter — pH level.

  • Using a centering microscope for precise workpiece location

    Centering microscopes are toolmaker set-up instruments that precisely locate work on a milling machine, lathe, electrical discharge machine, drill and other machine tools as well as coordinate measuring machines for part inspection.

  • New nanopipette designed to poke into cancer cells

    The nanopipette, which is controlled via robotic software, features two nanoscopic needles to enable the simultaneous sample injection and extraction from the cell.

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