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  • Zygo shows best-in-class optics manufacturing capabilities at Farnborough International Airshow

    The company will showcase its design and manufacturing expertise in advanced optical metrology systems and ultra- precise optical components and assemblies for mission critical applications.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces innovative mass spectrometer to advance clinical research

    The new mass spectrometer combines speed and sensitivity to advance precision medicine.

  • Medical Design Innovations (July 14-20)

    Transformative technologies where medicine and engineering meet are ushering in an era where it feels like anything is possible.

  • How to calibrate pH sensors for measuring pH in water

    Follow these simple steps to calibrate a pH sensor and ensure it is functioning optimally and providing reliable results.

  • Array-based solution for extended blood type research and safer transfusions

    A new throughput solution and attendant software are engineered to bolster precise blood genotyping in clinical research.

  • Analyzing your heat transfer fluid

    Follow these guidelines to accurately sample, test and analyze thermal fluids.

  • Optimizing HALT setups: The power of customization

    Consider these key elements to ensure the utmost reliability in highly accelerated life testing (HALT) outcomes.

  • Revolutionize sample preparation for biological samples

    Utilizing short-time centrifugation for solid-phase extraction, an entire sample treatment process can be completed within 10 minutes.

  • Beyond color and texture: How to measure pH in paints using the right sensor

    Understand why measuring pH in paints is essential, what points to consider while measuring pH and how to measure pH using a Mettler Toledo sensor.

  • EPA acts to address “forever chemical” threats

    Exposure to these contaminants will be addressed by a final rule that designates two widely used chemicals, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), as hazardous substances.

  • Expedite mercury analysis in environmental samples

    No sample preparation is needed, and measurements take as little as six minutes.

  • Sounding out healthy coral reefs

    Coral larvae on degraded reefs were observed to respond to healthy reef sounds and repopulate these ecosystems.

  • Measuring pH in hand sanitizer: Choosing the right sensor

    Consider these guidelines for measuring pH in hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based and contain components such as active ingredients, humectants and excipients.

  • A spectroscopic stampede against illegal ivory trade

    The laser-based method devised to distinguish between illegal elephant ivory and legal mammoth tusk ivory can be of value in stemming illicit trade.

  • Qosina introduces new iDOT single-use sensor bag ports from Polestar Technologies

    The gamma-stable bag ports offer non-invasive monitoring and come pre-calibrated for plug-and-play use.

  • Teledyne LeCroy debuts affordable oscilloscopes

    According to the company, the 12-bit high-definition oscilloscopes deliver exceptional performance at an affordable price.

  • Leading-edge benchtop temperature test system launched by inTEST Corporation

    The portable, compact, powerful system delivers clean dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics and materials with a broad temperature range.

  • Gen-Hy unveils lifespan test bench for hydrogen products

    The industrial test bench provides a complete and accurate analysis of the lifespan of electrolysis stacks (hydrogen generators) and their components.

  • Precision resistance measurement challenges and solutions

    The M81-SSM synchronous source measure system is engineered to help overcome the challenges encountered during precision and low-level signal type resistance measurements.

  • Edible analytics: All about the pH of fruits and vegetables

    Monitoring and maintaining the pH of these foods is vital to ensure their freshness, nutritional content and overall quality.

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