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  • Edible analytics: All about the pH of fruits and vegetables

    Monitoring and maintaining the pH of these foods is vital to ensure their freshness, nutritional content and overall quality.

  • Tracking the flight of avian flu via wastewater

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established a new influenza A wastewater tracker as part of its surveillance for the H5N1 strain.

  • QED Environmental Systems launches versatile single-use soil sampler

    The new single-use Combo Core soil sampler is engineered for field preservation volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis.

  • How to uncork the pH of wine

    Red or white, consider the significance of pH in a glass of wine and learn about measurement challenges and guidelines.

  • Advanced microscope aids nanoscale imaging

    An automated atomic force microscope has been designed to allow scientists and engineers to effortlessly collect 3D data at the nanoscale.

  • Blow down evaporator redesigned for autosampler vials and 96 well plates

    Now accessible for a larger range of applications, the re-engineered sample heat block reaches the desired temperature up to 75% faster at lower set point ranges.

  • Researchers eyeing far UV-C for preventing airborne transmissions of COVID-19

    With its shorter wavelength of 222 nm — which is shorter than conventional germicidal UV-C light with its wavelength of 254 nm — far UV-C light reportedly does not penetrate as deeply into tissue as conventional UV-C light.

  • Automate analysis, enhance lab safety with new segmented flow analyzer

    Designed to directly address lab safety, the instrument includes a reagent containment system that prevents solvent vapor accumulation, reducing the risk of reagent spillage for a safer working environment.

  • How not to kill your sensor: Seven mistakes to avoid to prevent pH sensor damage

    These simple practices guarantee that a pH sensor remains in excellent condition, providing reliable and accurate results that can influence the success of scientific endeavors.

  • Sensor pinpoints pharma pollutants in water supplies

    An advanced plasmonic-based detection system offers scope for the use of cost-effective, portable Raman devices for environmental monitoring.

  • New auto dilution system to transform lab efficiency

    The automation workflow solution is designed to increase productivity, lower cost of ownership and improve the overall efficiency within the laboratory.

  • Alvium cameras support Optotune’s liquid lenses

    The durable, flexible liquid lenses can be remotely adjusted and integrated for various applications at once.

  • New project developing gas-sensing detector for large cities and towns

    The project, dubbed PASSEPARTOUT, is developing its air quality monitoring system using laser technology for detecting even small concentrations of toxic gases in densely populated regions.

  • Wright Electric pursues electric propulsion testing

    The Wright Electric Aircraft Engine Test Cell is designed to characterize the performance of megawatt-class electric aircraft propulsion systems.

  • Converting landfill gas into aviation fuel

    A plasma reactor-based technique transforms methane and carbon dioxide from landfill sites into sustainable jet fuel.

  • New in-line metrology solution to improve battery safety and performance

    The system delivers real-time, full-coverage mass loading analysis for battery electrode coating.

  • pH comprehensive guide: For measurement practice and applications

    Review the importance of pH measurement for various industries, including pharma, food, chemicals and the environment.

  • Nanotweezers speed phage therapy advances

    The technique uses light to manipulate and identify individual bacteriophages without the need for chemical labels.

  • Measuring the pH of milk

    Consider the importance of and tips for accurately measuring the pH of milk samples.

  • Mettler Toledo launches new generation of laboratory balances

    A broad range of balance models meets the needs of every user, industry and workplace, from advanced weighing requirements to the most essential weighing needs.

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