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Supply Chain


  • Grant Awarded to Examine Advanced Manufacturing in Construction Supply Chain

    BRE is part of consortium awarded a £22m grant from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to look at advanced manufacturing in the construction supply chain.

  • Toyota Plans New Manufacturing Plants in Mexico and China

    Toyota Motor Corp. says it will build new factories in Mexico and China, ending a self-imposed expansion freeze.

  • EPA Says Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Down 9% Since 2005

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its 20th Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks, showing a 2% increase in greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 from 2012 levels, but a 9% drop in emissions since 2005.

  • China to Finance Bulk of $2 billion Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

    China will reportedly finance a $2bn, 1682km natural gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan.

  • IBM Launches Internet of Things Business Unit, Plans $3 Billion Investment

    IBM plans to set up an Internet of Things (IoT) business unit and build a cloud-based open platform to help clients and partners build IoT solutions.

  • 2015 a "Breakthrough Year" for Wireless Power Industry, IHS Says

    Global revenues for wireless power receivers and transmitters will grow to more than $1.7 billion this year, reports IHS.

  • Small Business Employment Growth Strong in Q1, Says Jobs Index

    Small business employment growth strong in the first quarter of 2015 according to the Paychex | IHS Small Business JobsIndex.

  • Saudi Arabia's Role Is Changing in Global Energy Markets, Baker Institute Says

    Saudi Arabia's role in global energy markets is changing as it reshapes itself as a supplier of refined petroleum products, moving beyond its traditional role as a crude oil exporter.

  • China Leads Global Linear and Torque Motors Market, IHS Says

    According to "The World Market for Linear and Torque Motors," a new report from IHS Technology, China leads the global linear and torque motors market, due to continuing growth in the electronics, electronic assembly, semiconductor, machine tools and flat-panel display industries. The torque and

  • U.S. Regulators Order Valve Replacements on 6,000 Rail Tank Cars

    The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is ordering the owners of an estimated 6,000 tank cars to replace unapproved valves that have resulted in oil leaks from trains hauling crude.

  • IT Roles in a Changing Water Industry

    As global water issues become more severe and water utilities adjust to changing demands from their stakeholders, technology vendors need to understand the common issues that water utilities face and alter the way they communicate with them to maximize their value to the industry.

  • Light Sensor Market to Grow 16% Between 2013 and 2016, Says IHS

    Samsung, Apple and Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will drive the light sensor market to grow 16% between 2013 and 2016, according to a new report from IHS.

  • Lithium Battery Rules Could Impact North American Supply Chains

    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned for years that lithium batteries, both metal and ion, are highly flammable and can easily ignite from other heat sources when carried in bulk in cargo holds.

  • IHS Forecasts Deceleration for Chinese Machinery Production

    Machinery production in China is expected to slow down this year, expanding by 6.9%, the slowest rate since 2012, according to the Chinese Machinery Production Quarterly Tracker report from IHS.

  • Russia Bundles Water Desalination Technology with Nuclear Power

    The head of Rusatom Overseas, a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corp. (ROSATOM), announced plans to sell desalination facilities integrated with large-capacity nuclear power plants to Russian export markets.

  • Small Business Index Shows U.S. Job Gains, IHS Says

    Small businesses are gaining steam according to the latest Paychex and IHS Small Business Jobs Index. Employment index increased by 0.19% in February, advancing for the second consecutive month in 2015.

  • Are Growth Prospects Stunted for Plant-based Chemicals?

    Crude oil and natural gas have long been the primary feedstocks for the global chemical industry. But renewable feedstocks such as sugar (from corn or sugarcane) and glycerin (from vegetable oils) have recently challenged the dominance of fossil fuels.

  • Europe Launches Energy Union

    Citizens of the 28 European countries that make up the European Union will be able to "take ownership" of their energy supply needs through smart meters, domestic generation, and choosing their energy suppliers under a new Energy Union (EU).

  • Hispanics Will Account for More Than 40% of Increase in U.S. Employment in Next 5 Years, IHS Says

    The Hispanic population will play an increasingly significant role in future U.S. employment growth, accounting for more than 40% of growth in the next five years and more than 75% between 2020 and 2034—an increase of 11 million jobs out of an economy-wide gain of 14 million—according to a new study from IHS.

  • Addressing Data Security Risks in Industrial Automation

    Industry 4.0 (also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution) promises to bring increased levels of automation and interconnection to manufacturing. Proponents suggest that it should increase efficiency and adaptability to allow for more customizable production.

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