Materials and Chemicals


  • Video: SABIC, Microsoft collaborate to create Microsoft’s first product made with recycled ocean plastic

    The exterior shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse contains 20% recycled ocean plastic.

  • Scientists develop degradable coatings for paper food packaging

    The new Dow-developed degradable coatings for compostable paper food packaging block grease and oil seepage.

  • Watch how crumpled material lets supercapacitors flex their power

    A flexible supercapacitor with electrodes made of wrinkled titanium carbide maintained its ability to store and release electronic charges after repetitive stretching.

  • Pipe and tube bending design: Here is what every designer must know

    There now exist several types of tube bending machines and tools capable of fabricating complex pipe and tube designs.

  • Video: Ammonia produced with solar energy and wastewater nitrate

    Ammonia is produced from sunlight and wastewater nitrate at 10% higher solar-to-fuel efficiency than currently available systems.

  • Kiel University accelerates chronic wound healing with 3D-printed patch

    Smart patch could potentially expedite the healing of chronic wounds.

  • Coatings change color in response to temp changes

    Color-changing coatings developed by Eindhoven University of Technology are triggered by temperature changes.

  • Video: Software simplifies synthesis of biofuels, chemicals

    The software optimizes biofuel and chemical production based on synthetic biology technology.

  • Dymax creates low-shrinkage epoxy for camera module assembly

    The adhesive has the unique flexibility to cure in seconds with LED, UV or visible light and low-temperature heat

  • 5 ways to increase conveyor efficiency and cost savings

    A large portion of the energy consumed within the manufacturing process comes from the electric power sources that drive production equipment. Organizations should consider taking a closer look at is their conveying process — and identify areas for energy savings.

  • Emerson unveils its new Branson MCX series ultrasonic mold cleaning systems

    New mold cleaners increase workforce productivity, improve cleaning effectiveness and reduce risk of damage to costly molds.

  • Monitoring of gas scrubbers by means of sonic velocity

    The measuring system reliably displays concentrations of both scrubbing liquid and salt content.

  • This insulating material improves high-voltage DC cable performance

    By delivering a threefold reduction in polyethylene-based insulation conductivity, the material enhances cable performance.

  • Watch this motorless robot arm bend, stretch and twist

    This omnidirectional octopus-like robot arm can stretch, bend and twist without a motor.

  • Liquid-filled flexible fiber strengthens data transmission

    A new stretchable optical fiber consists of a continuous liquid glycerol core contained within a transparent fluoropolymer sheath.

  • Oil refinery CO2 emissions will only get worse without restrictions

    Researchers recommended distinct mitigation strategies for refineries in different regions and age groups.

  • Study: Lead production trends linked to lead level trends in human body

    As worldwide lead production increased so did the rates of lead absorption found in people who lived during that time, even if they were not direct participants in lead production.

  • Researchers eye Blockchain tech to streamline supply chains

    A University of Missouri College of Engineering team is proposing a new way to use blockchain technology to streamline supply chains.

  • Cold forging: Understanding the process and some key calculations

    Cold forging is a metal shaping and manufacturing process that plastically deforms and compresses a piece of raw material under a punch and a die.

  • Double-sided tapes increase competition with alternative bonding technologies

    Double-sided tapes continue to gain popularity over other fastening systems due to their greater strength and ability to outperform similar market offerings.

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