Materials and Chemicals


  • Watch as this soft pasta-like robot maneuvers a maze

    The corkscrew design and smart material composition of the soft robots enable them to maneuver through mazes and other complex environments without guidance from computer software or humans, according to the robot’s developers.

  • Patch detects real-time changes in water temperature, contaminants from within pipes

    To develop the onsite, non-destructive quality control method for such facilities, the scientists have developed a flexible sheet that includes an embedded carbon nanotube film that functions as a photodetector layer.

  • Thermal energy storage solutions for buildings

    On the road to low carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-sustainable buildings, thermal energy storage provides a wide variety of options and advantages for lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The end of nuclear fuel reprocessing in the UK

    The Magnox reprocessing plant at Sellafield, the last remaining facility of its kind in the U.K., will cease operations in July 2022.

  • Sugar shield protects materials in hostile environments

    To develop the coating, researchers layered carbon black derived from burnt confectioners’ sugar with silica in a seashell-like configuration.

  • Customizable LCD monitors for every industrial environment

    When power is restored, the monitors immediately restart operating, eliminating the need for operator intervention.

  • Team to develop graphite coating for industrial conveyor systems

    To reduce the amount of energy wasted by these systems, mechanical engineering professor Min Zou has been awarded a $550,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop coatings to decrease sliding friction.

  • The future of at-home 3D printing

    See what companies are innovating to make 3D printing daily necessities a new and exciting reality.

  • Video: Titan to de-paint planes using robots, laser ablation

    A new laser-based de-painting system from Titan Robotics is automating the potentially hazardous process of de-painting airplanes.

  • Sourcing critical materials from marine crusts

    Growing demand for new sources of germanium and gallium spurred researchers in Germany to explore deep sea mining as a supply solution.

  • Water-based hydraulic fluid for offshore drilling rigs from MacDermid

    This fire and explosion-resistant HFC water-based fluid reduces wear and provides lubricity in motion compensation devices and tensioning equipment in offshore drilling rigs.

  • Nonprofit seeks to plug orphaned oil wells in US

    The Environmental Innovators of America, formed by Tiger Oil Co. and Major Ed Pulido of the John Daly-Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation, was launched, fittingly on Earth Day (April 22, 2022).

  • Platform analyzes chemical waste, offers ways to make new products from it

    According to the company, the chemical industry is responsible for the production of a significant amount of waste. Yet, waste from the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fertilizers, for example, could serve as the base material for other valuable chemicals, the researchers suggest.

  • Video: Simplify two component dispensing

    This dual servo-driven, variable ratio system offers ultimate control of shot size and volume with repeatable results across materials.

  • New 3D imaging tool from Brookhaven achieves highest resolution yet

    The team designed the new nanomaterial using DNA as a programmable construction material, which enables them to create novel engineered materials for catalysis, optics and extreme environments.

  • Piston-based pressure switches selection: Ensuring a rugged design

    A pressure switch is rugged if its design allows a stable switching response and long lifecycle under several conditions like pressure spikes, leaks, high temperature, chemical exposure, moisture, shock loads and vibration.

  • New, more streamlined frac iron system introduced by SPM Oil & Gas

    The newly enhanced SPM Simplified Frac Iron System reduces the footprint and amount of iron required for fracking operations, thereby increasing frac site operational efficiency. This results in fewer lines, connections and components, fewer potential leak paths and less NPT.

  • Use Spirolox Retaining Rings for easy installation and removal

    Spirolox® Retaining Rings are designed to be installed and removed by hand, no tooling required.

  • WSU researchers fortify cement with disposable PPE

    To accomplish this, the team devised a process wherein mask fibers (ranging from 5 mm to 30 mm in length) are immersed in a graphene oxide solution before being immersed in the cement paste.

  • The economic and energy loss embodied by landfilled plastic

    The market value of landfilled plastic in the U.S. ranges from $4.5 billion to $9.9 billion, or $7.2 billion on average.

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