Materials and Chemicals


  • Stockwell Elastomerics launches new website

    The revamped website offers a new design and navigation to better present the company's services to engineers and designers.

  • Battery recycling tech debuts in the US

    The facility is projected to produce 2 metric tons/day of battery-grade precursor cathode active material.

  • Design experiments versus running them

    One of the more challenging aspects of becoming an engineer is learning how to design and implement experiments versus simply running experiments as designed.

  • Could this new adhesive give humans "Spiderman-like" wall-climbing powers?

    The reusable adhesive is more than 10 times stronger than the adhesive grip of a gecko’s foot and could eventually lead to the development of reusable superglue and grippers capable of holding heavy weights across both rough and smooth surfaces as well as to the development of climbing robots.

  • pH comprehensive guide: For measurement practice and applications

    Review the importance of pH measurement for various industries, including pharma, food, chemicals and the environment.

  • New plastic coating developed for 3D printing processes

    Supercritical carbon dioxide was used to devise what the team suggests is an ‘efficient and clean’ process for coating plastic polyamide-12 (PA12) particles used in 3D printing of complex parts for the aerospace and automotive industries.

  • Efficient processing of solid silicone (HCR) on an electric Allrounder injection molding machine

    Arburg will present its extensive portfolio for elastomer processing at the German Rubber Conference DKT in Nuremberg, Germany.

  • A new line of thinking: Integrated conveyor solutions at Dynamic Conveyor booth at NPE

    Integrated conveyor solutions that foster a new line of thinking for the plastics industry will be on display at the event in Orlando, Florida.

  • Additive manufacturing: High-temperature freeformer processes Ultem pellets

    At NPE 2024, Arburg will display a high-temperature version of the freeformer 750-3X to showcase the 3D printing of high-quality functional components made from Ultem 9085.

  • The making of new rubber compounds

    Rubber compounds and seals can be tailored for specific applications.

  • Technetics Group awarded Pratt and Whitney Premier Award for Excellence In 2023

    This recognition further solidifies the company’s reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking partner in the aerospace sector.

  • Sealing the future: Hydrogen's critical integrity challenge

    Explore the significance of sealing solutions for the burgeoning hydrogen industry and how Technetics Group has become a stalwart companion in the hydrogen odyssey.

  • EV display technology solution guide

    A quick and easy guide to developing improved EV displays utilizing the proper engineered material and thermal solutions.

  • BMF receives FDA 510(k) clearance for UltraThineer cosmetic veneer material

    Zirconia materials are now qualified for use in the production of the world’s thinnest cosmetic veneers.

  • Extrusion process taps into aluminum scrap

    Energy savings approach 90% with a process that transforms post-consumer aluminum into high-grade building components.

  • Tungsten carbide: An alternative to chrome plating on work rolls

    Linde Advanced Material Technologies highlights alternatives to chrome plating being assessed by the industry against their ExoGard family of carbide coatings.

  • XPRIZE Water Scarcity competition to advance desalination tech

    The five-year competition with a $119 million prize purse is designed to create new desalination solutions that increase access to clean water globally.

  • Hernon Manufacturing to show dispensing and adhesive innovations at ASSEMBLY Show South

    Hernon will showcase its latest innovations, including the Autosealer 2600 dispensing system, INSTANTBOND adhesives, REACT reactive adhesives and Sureshot 2200 dispensing valves.

  • Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes: Engineering marvels shaping modern industry

    Consider the multifaceted significance of silicone pressure-sensitive tapes and explore their myriad applications and the pivotal roles they play across diverse industries.

  • Electrode fixing tapes for electric vehicle battery cells

    The tapes are engineered to enhance the safety and efficiency in electric vehicle batteries.

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