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  • Banana peels key to tackling food waste?

    To model the browning of bananas, which is caused by enzymatic reactions and the air, researchers simulated spot patterns on banana peels to demonstrate how the peels brown over time.

  • Customizable LCD monitors for every industrial environment

    When power is restored, the monitors immediately restart operating, eliminating the need for operator intervention.

  • Candy-coated solution for pharmaceutical fraud

    Using a method that Professor Grover has dubbed CandyCode, a coating featuring nonpareils could potentially be applied to pharmaceutical tablets and capsules to prevent the occurrence of pharmaceutical fraud.

  • Watch this robot learn to taste food as it "chews"

    In order to mimic the human sense of taste, the researchers are teaching the robotic chef to taste foods at various stages of the chewing process to determine if the food is appropriately seasoned.

  • Wax-coated sand promises to increase crop yields, slow soil evaporation in desert regions

    To create the wax-coated sand, the KAUST team dissolved paraffin wax in hexane and added SandX to the mixture. As the mixture dissolved, it left behind a 20 nm thick wax coating on the grains of sand.

  • Produce wrapped in clay film stays fresher longer

    In the lab, the researchers applied the clay film to apples, oranges and bananas and compared its performance to produce left untreated or sealed in cling wrap.

  • Pineapple waste could be used for food packaging

    The material features active natural compounds with antioxidant capacity that can both be transformed into packaging containers and help to preserve the food held within to increase its shelf life.

  • Video: Robotic beehive promises to care for bees

    Considering that 75% of all fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts the world consumes relies on pollination from bees, the company aims to increase bee populations throughout the world using this technology.

  • Clay, gelatin, peppermint oil combined to create edible, biodegradable food packaging

    Researchers called the Composites and Hybrid Nanocomposites Group (GCNH) at São Paulo State University (UNESP) in Ilha Solteira developed an edible, anti-microbial, biodegradable plastic for food packaging use cases.

  • E-nose sniffs out whiskey imposters

    Using NOS.E, the team tested six different whiskey brand samples and successfully identified the respective whiskeys by brand name, region and style in under four minutes.

  • Mars ice cream goes green in latest sustainability initiative

    The development is part of the company's overall objective to achieve net zero emissions as a global business by 2050 across all production facilities.

  • Video: Banana peeling robot shows what is possible for the future of food processing industry

    The team developed the technology in response to global labor shortages hitting food processing factories where human workers capable of performing such delicate tasks are in short supply.

  • Insect-inspired material paves the way for antibacterial packaging

    The nanopillar-enhanced plastic reportedly kills up to 70% of bacteria without using chemicals and promises to extend the shelf life and improve the quality of packaged foods.

  • Seaweed, wastewater and a circular food chain

    Food production process water disposal costs become economic revenue by sustainably producing new protein-enriched raw materials via seaweed cultivation.

  • Video: Bread eating fungus produces yarn, paper and leather

    The bread was dried and ground into breadcrumbs and mixed with water in a reactor. The researchers then added spores of Rhizopus delemar — which are often found on decaying food.

  • Video: Chippy joins Flippy in the kitchen

    In Chipotle’s R&D facility located in Irvine, California, Chippy is cutting tortilla chips into triangles, frying them for 50 seconds in hot oil, placing them in a bowl and spraying them with lime.

  • Boston Dynamic's Spot gets yet another job

    The autonomous Spot robot was outfitted with a newly designed payload that enables the robotic dog to perform agricultural inspections to check crops for quality and ripeness, pests and diseases — all while only dispensing pesticides when appropriate.

  • International Food Technology Exhibition debuts in UAE

    The region's first event of its kind will focus on food innovations as well as emphasizing Sharjah's position as an ideal location for food technology investments.

  • Amcor introduces high barrier paper packaging

    The packing is designed specifically for snack and confectionary products and is reportedly grease-resistant and features a high moisture and high oxygen barrier.

  • Vacuum-microwave toll manufacturing facility launched by EnWave

    REVworx is reportedly the first large-scale vacuum-microwave toll processing facility in North America that offers drying services for third-parties.

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