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  • Hotpot oil finds second life as jet fuel

    To turn the food waste into aviation fuel, the company Sichuan Jinshang Environmental Protection collects oil from local restaurants that has already been separated from water using a specialized filter.

  • An algorithm with taste

    Scientists fed an algorithm with data from people's flavor impressions, enabling the algorithm to make accurate predictions about what kinds of wine an individual might prefer.

  • SECO scores design win of over €50M for coffee machine digitalization

    The venture will explore the digitalization opportunities presented by the use of the artificial intelligence for the future generations of machines, aiming to launch new high-value-added services in the coffee sector.

  • Feeling cheesy? If it's too sour, blame it on the pH

    The cheese manufacturing industry relies on pH monitoring of products to ensure quality, flavor and texture. pH is an important control parameter for achieving desired batch consistency, from the initial pH measurement during milk acidification to the final measurements of ripened cheese.

  • New conveying systems for robotic pick-and place packaging introduced by Key Technology

    By minimizing hand packing, these new systems reportedly help increase production efficiency, reduce labor and improve sanitation.

  • Study: Compostable single-serve coffee pods most sustainable option

    The researchers examined three different types of sing-serve coffee pods featuring those composed of conventional plastic, those composed of aluminum and those composed of compostable biobased materials.

  • Lubrizol launches Carbopol polymers for nutraceuticals with new EU food grade approval

    The use of Carbopol as an additive for liquid and solid food supplements in the EU has been approved.

  • Are food delivery drones the future?

    With advancements in technology, food delivery services have evolved to become faster, more efficient and convenient for consumers. One of the latest innovations in this industry is the use of drones for food delivery.

  • Winery waste being turned into something sweet

    The researchers are eyeing wine lees — a residue of primarily dead yeast cells leftover after the fermentation process — as a possible colorant for jelly candies.

  • Team develops automatic weighing method for broiler chickens

    The new weighing system incorporates data acquisition, transmission, analysis and display in conjunction with Zhejiang University-developed PORWI data analysis for the intelligent perception of the average weight of the broiler flock.

  • Sour or sweet? How pH affects the taste of juice

    Have you ever wondered why some fruit juices taste sour while others are sweet? Actually, it is not the amount of sugar in it.

  • Team turning cocoa pods into flame retardants

    Researchers are eyeing the waste husks, which contain the tough lipid polymer lignin, for renewable replacement for some substances often derived from petroleum — notably flame retardants.

  • Baked to perfection: NORD Drivesystems offers sweet solutions for the bakery industry

    Specialized solutions for the bakery industry include hygienic wash-down housings, wall or motor mounted variable frequency drives for dynamic control, and robust gear motors for reliable operation of mixers, conveyors, labeling machines and more.

  • Can building waste fortify crops?

    The material leftover and too small for recycling is called trommel fines, and it is this material that the researchers mixed with compost.

  • Food processing plant pathogen eradicated by blue light

    While L. monocytogenes has previously proven to be powerfully resistant to elimination, its destruction was expedited when the cells or biofilms were placed on polystyrene.

  • How will the food and beverage industry use ChatGPT?

    This follow-up feature will examine the impact ChatGPT is expected to have on the food and beverage industry.

  • Spirax Sarco introduces the Turflow heat exchanger

    The Spirax Sarco Turflow heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat transfer product solution that manages the heating and cooling of fluids including process water.

  • FPT Industrial’s full agricultural line-up and latest innovations at AGRITECHNICA 2023

    Low environmental impact agricultural powertrain systems will be showcased at the event.

  • New plate heat exchanger introduced by SPX FLOW

    PV has launched the new Plate Heat Exchanger FastFrame with improved usability and durability, saving time and money for food and beverage operators.

  • Turning spent coffee grounds into packaging film

    What makes spent coffee grounds appropriate for this application is that they are readily available and contain lignocellulosic fibers, which are ingredients necessary to manufacture films.

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