• New digital tech improve search and rescue efforts in the wilderness

    The RescueCASTR system features 360° body cameras that transmit video and photos to a central command station where a search commander can use that data to track multiple search teams simultaneously and coordinate search and rescue efforts.

  • These robots will make your skin crawl: Part 1

    Join Engineering360 as we revisit in a two-part article some of the creepy crawly species to influence robot technology.

  • 12 common HVAC communication protocols

    Discover the functions and common use cases of the numerous HVAC communication protocols available, both open and proprietary.

  • Video: Drone maker introduces its lidar-enhanced indoor mapping drone

    The collision-tolerant drone, according to the drone maker, features a light detection and ranging (lidar) sensor for indoor 3D mapping applications.

  • Customizable LCD monitors for every industrial environment

    When power is restored, the monitors immediately restart operating, eliminating the need for operator intervention.

  • Connecting EDA with test and measurement in high-performance wireless design

    The quality of reference signals and software tools has a significant impact on successfully transitioning an RF power-amplifier design from the EDA environment into hardware.

  • Robotic rodent inspects pipelines

    Ratty the Robot has reportedly been designed to reduce human exposure to hazardous environments, tetherlessly traveling through a network of confined spaces such as pipeline networks and tunnel systems, autonomously inspecting drainage, sewage and gas supply pipes.

  • Automating solar lights with Arduino

    Upgrade your outdoor lighting with this DIY project so the fun doesn't end when the sun goes down.

  • Creative DIY projects for old gaming consoles

    Old game consoles can serve as the canvas for a variety of DIY electronics builds.

  • Video: Scrubbing robot automates floor cleaning

    The Cobi 18 is, according to its developer, a high performance scrubber capable of cleaning a variety of hard floors and its compact design enables it to clean even tight spaces.

  • What can you do with a 64-bit Raspberry Pi?

    With Raspberry Pi's advanced capabilities and expanded features, this OS upgrade provides a significant performance boost, a 64-bit kernel and more.

  • Outsourcing danger: The robots tasked with dangerous jobs

    Follow along with Engineering360 as it looks at the dangerous and less than desirable jobs that are now being outsourced to robots.

  • Keysight Technologies introduces its vector signal generator for wideband multichannel mmWave applications

    The four-channel vector signal generator with frequency up to 54 GHz offers up to 5 GHz of radio frequency (RF) bandwidth and low phase noise in a single instrument.

  • Jumping robot breaks record

    The robot reportedly broke the current world record for highest jumping robot, previously held by Boston Dynamics’ Sand Flea, which jumped just over 32 ft high.

  • Keysight's new protocol trigger and decode software simplifies development/troubleshooting of CAN bus systems

    CAN XL is the third-generation CAN standard in development by the CAN in Automation (CiA) group that improves the CAN FD protocol with increased payload data and faster bit rate.

  • Rat robot crawls through narrow passageways

    In the lab, SQuRO passed through irregular narrow passageways with an inner width of 90 mm and navigated a slope of 15°.

  • Saelig announces new Siglent SHS-X handheld two-channel 100/200 MHz digital oscilloscopes

    The new oscilloscopes are available in 100 MHz and 200 MHz analog bandwidths and isolated or non-isolated versions, with 1 GSa/s sample rate and 12 Mpts memory depth.

  • Yokogawa introduces Equipment/Quality Predictive Detection Tool for SMARTDAC+ paperless recorders, data loggers

    According to the company, with this software, even users who are not AI specialists will be able to build their own equipment and quality anomaly predictive detection systems for manufacturing sites.

  • Twitter and Pinterest co-founders back Swedish startup Chroma

    Chroma Studios is aiming to be a platform for a unique, sound-driven experience that is drawing on the creativity of artists.

  • Giant humanoid robot cleans, maintains railway powerlines

    The robot prototype — developed jointly by JR West, Man-Machine Synergy Effectors Inc. and Nippon Singal — is affixed to a crane truck that travels along the rail tracks.

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