The tallest onshore wind turbine yet installed, with a 164-meter (538 feet) hub height, has produced over 9 GWh in its first year of operation. This output from the Nordex N131/3300 unit at the Hausbay-Bickenbach site in Germany was achieved against the backdrop of an average wind speed of 6.1 m/s.

The turbine's overall height approaches 230 meters (755 feet), enabling it to harness higher wind yieldImage credit: NordexImage credit: Nordex layers of air where there is less turbulence and to increase annual power output. Generating performance data confirms that powerful turbines with at least a 3 MW capacity, large rotor sweep and high towers are suited for efficient operation in regions with low average wind speeds.

The N131/3300 also has an advantage in terms of sound emissions. The guaranteed sound power level for the turbine is a low 104.5 dB(A). Measurements on the N131/3300 installed in the Krampfer wind farm in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania at the end of 2015 showed a sound power level of 104.1 dB(A).

Plans call for installing two more such wind turbines at the Hausbay-Bickenbach system operated by Kreuzberger & Spengler Regenerative Energie.

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