German pump manufacturer Jung Pumpen recently introduced its latest innovation in submersible pump technology. The MultiDrain UV3 is a versatile submersible drainage pump with stainless steel construction for use in portable and stationary applications. The MultiDrain UV3 is suitable for pumping rainwater, lightly submersible polluted water and domestic wastewater (such as household dishwashers and washing machines).

With an easy-to-activate flushing device to reduce deposits in the pump sump, the UV3 ensures trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. The pump features a cooling jacket for the motor housing to facilitate submerged operation without the risk of overheating. In the event of dry running, an integrated thermal motor protection device switches off the pump before reaching the critical temperature limit. A moisture sealed cable inlet protects the motor from water ingress in the event of cable damage.

Source: Jung PumpenSource: Jung Pumpen

These protective design features, along with the swing-type check valve and a hose connection, ensure the MultiDrain UV3 delivers robust, safe and effective performance for mobile applications.

During stationary use, the MultiDrain UV3 S model has an automatic switch that removes water from drainage shafts in cellars, washing basements or storage rooms and serves as a backflow protection device. The inbuilt self-ventilating mechanism ensures that air cushions can escape through the ventilation opening if the shaft or container run dry for a temporary period. In addition, the pump’s strainer base can be removed, allowing the pump to reduce the water level down to 5 mm (0.2 in). The MultiDrain UV3 SF model is ideal for use in narrow pump shafts as a result of new close-fitting floats.

The MultiDrain UV3 drainage pump can handle fluid temperatures of 35° C (95° F), or up to 70° C (158° F) for a maximum of 10 minutes. The UV3 can deliver a flow rate of up to 7 m3/h (30 US gpm) and a maximum head of 7 m. Additional pump models are available in the UV series for more demanding applications that require higher operating limits.

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