To promote interest in the so-called STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering and math — the Girl Scouts of the USA have added even more badges to its growing portfolio of STEM badges.

Joining the array of STEM badges added back in 2017 and 2019 are badges designed for Girl Scouts — from Daisies to Cadettes — interested in automotive engineering and STEM careers. Among the new additions this year are the STEM Career Exploration badge and the Automotive Engineering badge.

To earn the STEM Career Exploration badge, which is designed for girls from second to eighth grade, participants will explore possible careers and various STEM fields including computer science, nature and environmental science, engineering, design, healthcare and agriculture.

Source: Girl Scouts of the USASource: Girl Scouts of the USA

To earn the Automotive Engineering badge, which is designed for girls in kindergarten through fifth grade, participants will learn about designing, engineering and manufacturing automobiles in an age-appropriate way. Participants will design their own automobiles, test their prototypes and learn about the design process. Additionally, participants will also be tasked with creating an assembly line manufacturing process.

In an attempt to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers to close the gender gap that exists within those disciplines where men tend to dominate, the Girl Scouts of the USA have been increasing their roster of STEM badges. Among those offerings are badges that can be earned in computer expertise, digital photography, movie-making, coding, cybersecurity, space science, citizen scientist, artificial intelligence and algorithms, introduction to robotics and engineering, meteorology, race car and aviation design, and more.

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