Mechanical Components


  • OZ Lifting at HVACR Show

    A variety of davit cranes will be on display at the February 2023 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration (AHR) Expo in Georgia.

  • New silencers offer instant noise reduction for pneumatic equipment

    Vyon porous plastic silencers directly fit into the exhaust port of pneumatic equipment, ensuring that the noise from air escaping to the atmosphere is reduced to a safe decibel level.

  • Video: New life for old e-chains with expanded recycling program

    A new online platform now supports the recycling of e-chains as well as other technical plastic waste.

  • High purity T-342 diaphragm valve now includes sanitary adapters option

    These diaphragm valves are an ideal choice for high purity water systems, such as reverse osmosis/deionization applications and ultrapure water lines.

  • VPT introduces VSC series of space COTS converters

    DC-to-DC power converters change a DC input voltage into output voltages of different voltage.

  • Seco hydraulic chucks and reduction sleeves take the hassle out of tool holding

    With 360° tool-shank holding strength and precise centering, the hydraulic chucks and expansion sleeves ensure reliability, exceptional machining performance and maximized tool life.

  • A powerful wave of FPT Industrial innovative marine solutions on display at METSTRADE 2022

    Sustainability, efficiency, hybrid propulsion solutions and new collaborations were the main themes showcased at RAI Amsterdam Europaplein in Amsterdam.

  • Optimizing installation space and performance with thread-tapping screws

    The combination of a trilobular shape in the tapping zone and the round cross-section in the load-bearing section optimizes thread-tapping screw fastenings.

  • Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion with air plasmas

    Comprehensive adaption of such a technology would greatly reduce greenhouse gases and global warming to boot.

  • Tricking a negative pressure room with sound

    The researchers suggested that the mechanisms for controlling airflow into and out of biocontainment facilities can be “tricked” into functioning improperly by sound at a specific frequency — possibly placed within a popular song.

  • Diesel engines modified to accept hydrogen

    The hydrogen-diesel direct injection dual-fuel system enables existing diesel engines to operate using 90% hydrogen as fuel.

  • Linear electric motors engineered for machine tools

    The brushless linear servo motors are designed specifically for continuous duty cycle applications in machine tools.

  • A better conveyor

    OCC Systems is making automotive assembly lines safer, more energy-efficient, easier to maintain and less expensive to operate.

  • Video: Hands-on training for the commercial HVAC sector

    The commercial HVAC training catalog offered by Interplay Learning, which supports online and virtual reality training for the essential skilled trades, has been expanded.

  • Leak-tightness and technical cleanliness in screw fastenings

    The relationship between technical cleanliness and leak tightness plays a crucial role in the reliable performance of fastenings.

  • Video: Coval announces enhanced range of multi-stage vacuum pumps for heavy duty suction applications

    The pumps offer a robust and powerful solution for applications requiring a high suction flow rate for the vacuum handling of a wide variety of objects.

  • Video: New materials make for quieter, safer EVs

    Flame-retardant and vibration-damping materials tackle safety and comfort issues in electric vehicles (EVs).

  • FPT Industrial to exhibit its full range of construction equipment engines at bauma

    Debut models, proven bestsellers and environmentally friendly powertrain solutions are the highlights of a bolstered engine line-up.

  • Video: Next-generation bolt tensioner is 30% faster to install

    Fewer, stronger jackbolts than any other multi-jackbolt tensioner makes the Superbolt NXT up to 30% faster to install.

  • New line of hydraulic hammers launched by Takeuchi

    Takeuchi’s new hydraulic hammer line includes seven models with power-to-weight ratios suitable for a variety of applications.

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