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Material Handling and Packaging


  • This wheel drive simplifies converting factory vehicles for automation

    Pelonis Technologies is introducing the XR15-W wheel drive solution that greatly simplifies vehicle automation.

  • AZCO adds Mini-Winder to machine offering with S-Y-M Products Company acquisition

    The compact and easy to implement motorized Mini-Winder is capable of winding rolls of flexible tubing material into individual coils.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. launches pre-engineered robot work cell as a compact, cost-effective and intuitive solution to productivity challenges

    This robot has a small footprint, is fully configurable, and offers a broad array of options and preprogrammed software packages that enable the unit to be tailored to the application.

  • New collaborative parallel gripper series CSSP

    This innovative plug-and-play gripper is perfectly compatible with leading cobot brands, making it easier than ever to automate operations.

  • NORD's heavy-duty, reliable drive systems tackle tough industrial applications

    These industrial automation solutions are engineered to work in unison for ultimate performance in demanding, heavy industrial environments.

  • Fonon's Zero Width Laser Cutting solution eyed for flat panel display manufacturing

    Fonon is reportedly well-positioned to benefit from FPD market as its patented ZWLCT is a solution suited to the intricacy of cutting brittle materials like glass for FPDs with no material loss and a clean edge.

  • Lucas Systems announces 100 billion warehouse picks

    The milestone is a culmination of industry longevity combined with tens of thousands of workers using sophisticated speech-recognition and optimization software.

  • Comau introduces MI.RA/OnePicker, a new and fully automated intelligent piece picking solution

    Vision-based piece picking autonomously grasps randomly placed heterogeneous objects.

  • Hy-Tek Intralogistics unveils its IntraOne Platform

    The interconnected system of logistics products and services enables companies to maximize their distribution and warehousing operations.

  • A new line of thinking: Integrated conveyor solutions at Dynamic Conveyor booth at NPE

    Integrated conveyor solutions that foster a new line of thinking for the plastics industry will be on display at the event in Orlando, Florida.

  • Tech Rim Standards unveils its end of arm tooling (EOAT) demonstration at Automate 2024

    A live demonstration will spotlight the products and capabilities of Tech-Effector.

  • A look at fluid statics and hydrostatic pressure in hydraulic jacks

    In the world of engineering, the ability to lift heavy loads with precision and ease is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. Construction projects in civil engineering require the lifting of heavy beams, trusses, and other structural components.

  • New app detects authenticity of printed documents

    The organization issuing a document will provide it with a QR code. Then, the original will be saved in encrypted form on a server while a printed copy will be sent to the recipient.

  • Allrounder 720 A: Efficient injection compression molding of IML thin-walled cups

    An electric Allrounder 720 A in the "Ultimate" performance variant demonstrates at NPE 2024 that high-quality injection molding technology can be an alternative to thermoforming.

  • New retractable submerged pumps

    These pumps offer the advantage of easy maintenance without the need for tank draining and reclamation.

  • NORD Drivesystems exhibits innovative, reliable solutions at AAAE

    These airport industry solutions focus on high efficiency, variant reduction and reducing operating costs.

  • Ensuring food hose assembly safety through 3-A Sanitary Standards

    The 3-A Sanitary Standards Organization is growing in attention as a requirement by a wide variety of food and beverage producers.

  • A first-of-its-kind feeding and coding solution for stand-up pouches

    The system leverages vacuum technology to grab the flexible substrate from the bottom of the stack using suction to provide a reliable and repetitive feeding process.

  • Markoprint Integra PP RAZR Inkjet system for hi-res coding on corrugate, plastic film and resealable pouches

    This inkjet printer from AT Information Products enables the coding of high-res images up to 1.34 inches tall.

  • PV-powered refrigerated warehouses keep their cool with ice storage

    The effect of two types of ice storage modes on the performance of a photovoltaic (PV)-powered refrigerated warehouse was evaluated.

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