Supply Chain


  • Spinoff offers multinationals greater supply chain visibility

    MIT spinoff offers supply chain visibility.

  • Pivot Point Inc. expands manufacturing facilities

    The non-threaded fastener manufacturing facility expansion is expected to be completed in summer of 2022.

  • Watch this robot tie-dye T-shirts

    Baxter the industrial robot tasked with tie-dyeing T-shirts.

  • UL verification for extended-distance applications with redesigned copper cables

    Superior Essex has obtained UL verification for use of its PowerWise power over Ethernet products for extended-distance applications.

  • North American fiber optic technician training and certification program launched

    The curriculum is designed to fill the existing fiber skills gap and accelerate fiber deployments across North America.

  • See what's behind PEM® GHOST™ fastening technology

    Achieve an invisible lock and sleek aesthetics with new PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology.

  • Eliminate the need for control cabinets with ifm's display controller

    ifm’s display controller provides real-time control and insights into the health of your critical machines while also eliminating the need for expensive control cabinets.

  • Netzsch to highlight compact movable dewatering pumps and other challenging mining applications at MINExpo 2021

    Visit Booth #336 North to learn about safe, reliable and cost-efficient mine dewatering pumps and pump skids ideal for when compact and movable units are required.

  • MiR introduces two new material handling AMRs

    MiR600 and MiR1350 AMRs are designed for transporting heavy materials through manufacturing and logistic warehouse environments.

  • Ranpak launches automated packaging solution

    System automates shipping box void fill.

  • Ambi Robotics introduces multi-robot kitting system

    Ambi Robotics has introduced its AmbiKit, a multi-robot kitting system that uses AI data collection to expedite ecommerce kitting operations.

  • 2D/3D laser profile sensors: Compact. Powerful. Integrable.

    scanCONTROL 3000 laser scanners are extremely powerful and individually adaptable, providing precise measurements on nearly any type of surface.

  • Mobile bulk bag discharger includes mobile flexible screw conveyor, hopper

    The mobile bulk bag discharger-conveyor system transfers bulk materials throughout a plant.

  • Video: High performance leak tester for pharma packaging testing

    The leak tester for container closure integrity testing applications can detect leaks as small as 1 µm.

  • Enhanced autonomous tow tractor introduced by Seegrid

    Tow tractor is designed for high-traffic facilities.

  • Infinitum Electric expands power range of IEs motor product line

    The series offers a fully integrated system: motor, variable frequency drive and embedded IoT in a single compact package.

  • New connector series features three locking options

    Three locking variants can fit on one connector or receptacle.

  • High frequency 12 G MCX cable assemblies ideal for 4 K/ultra-HD

    The cable assemblies are suitable for broadcast video applications including high-definition cameras and video playback modules.

  • Flex circuit connectors attach to lead wires using reliable F-crimp

    Connectors for flexible circuits eliminate soldering and welding when attaching wires to foil and film substrates.

  • New tech promises to tackle supply chain fraud

    Sensors and machine learning track anomalies in supply chain transport.

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