Supply Chain


  • ZIP XX: New breakthrough cut-off wheel from WALTER

    It outlasts other industry-leading ceramic wheels by at least 30% and delivers the most cuts per wheel, thus reducing changeovers and downtime.

  • Automated packing and shipping system launched by Numina Group

    Dubbed Pakt, the automated packing and shipping technology reportedly reduces pack and ship labor by an estimated 70% and increases throughput capacity by a reported 500%.

  • Weight optimization through direct plastic screw fastenings

    Consider the utility and performance of direct plastic screw fasteners from Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH & Co.

  • Video: Campaign launched to laud supply chain superstars

    The initiative seeks to recognize the vital role played by technicians and engineers responsible for building and maintaining a robust supply chain and keeping the manufacturing cogs turning.

  • Soft robotic gripper scoops, picks and grasps

    The new reconfigurable workspace soft (RWS) robotic gripper is designed for use in the logistics and food sectors where it can perform picking and packing tasks, according to its developers.

  • APCON selects DPI engine from Rohde & Schwarz for intelligent traffic filtering in data center networks

    Real-time application awareness from R&S PACE 2 enables the IntellaView HyperEngine network visibility solution from APCON to address traffic visibility challenges while augmenting network performance and security.

  • New suppliers added to GlobalSpec, Jan. 12, 2023

    The universe of the GlobalSpec catalog is ever-expanding, as evidenced by the recent addition of new suppliers and product listings.

  • Fire alarm control cable streamlines cable installation

    Its armor profile is flatter, smoother and easier to install through metal studs and ceilings.

  • Ensign unveils new line of bulk bag conditioners

    The new line features stand-alone designs for pre-conditioning bags before the discharge process, as well as various configurations that directly integrate with Ensign’s existing line of bulk bag unloading stations.

  • ABB introduces new robot to the warehouse, manufacturing spaces

    With a payload capacity of up to 11 kg (24.3 lb), a top speed of 6.2 m/s (20.3 ft/sec) and a reach between 900 mm (35.4 inches) to 1,400 mm (55.1 inches), the ABB SWIFTI CRB 1300 is expected to improve a facility’s production efficiency by as much as 44%.

  • Video: Sustainable packaging sown on the farm

    Reusing Agricultural Waste (RAW) Packaging is derived from agricultural waste produced by sugar cane farms across India.

  • New Emerson valves deliver proportional flow control performance in exacting applications

    These proportional valves offer superior precision, flow and power consumption for medical devices, hydrogen fuel pumps, food equipment and more.

  • Renatus unveils its One-Stop Pick & Pack system

    The system is a 3D storage rack system with Renatus Shuttles and high-speed lifts that operate inside, managed and controlled by the proprietary software and algorithm package Renatus Cortex.

  • A quick, compact clamping solution

    A new down-thrust clamp is fastened to a machine table with T-slots or to a fixture plate as a compact universal clamping element.

  • Video: Seco Tool reconditioning service grows by over 30%

    A Seco reconditioned tool regains 85% to 95% of its original performance compared to tools that are reground or resharpened.

  • Fastener Training Institute issues 2023 training schedule

    The schedule consists of nine in-person classes, three Fastener Training Weeks, webinars and specialty classes at Fastener Fair and the International Fastener Expo.

  • Components Express receives UL listing for new line of standard M12 cable assemblies

    The new UL-listed M12 cable assemblies come in standard lengths up to 15 m, with a variety of male-female and flying lead connector combinations on either end.

  • High purity T-342 diaphragm valve now includes sanitary adapters option

    These diaphragm valves are an ideal choice for high purity water systems, such as reverse osmosis/deionization applications and ultrapure water lines.

  • 5 tech trends manufacturers need on their side in 2023

    Learn the new tech trends of 2023 that every manufacturer needs to follow. Find out what they are and why they are essential to follow in the upcoming year.

  • ABB introduces its smallest industrial bot yet

    ABB’s IRB 1010 is an industrial robot with a 5.2-inch footprint and a reach of 14.5 inches designed for increasing production of small devices such as health trackers, smart watches, sensors and earphones in the manufacturing space.

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