Supply Chain


  • Online tool streamlines heat exchanger selection

    The HEXpert system provides the key performance information crucial to choosing effective solutions for specific processing plant applications.

  • NORD Drivesystems charts a path toward a more sustainable future

    Sustainability issues are being addressed by the company through five main fields of action.

  • Stainless steel AC inverter-duty gearmotors are rated IP-69K

    These units are designed to operate in wet, dusty, washdown environments, or where equipment is subject to particularly intensive high-pressure cleaning.

  • EMUGE-FRANKEN USA introduces MultiTOOL program for a complete threadmaking solution

    The threadmaking solution includes versatile, affordable high-quality taps, thread mills and drills that are ideal for a wide range of materials in high-mix, low volume job shop applications.

  • Application-specific NDF gearbox for Delta robot drives

    Neugart is expanding its range of application-specific gearboxes with a solution specifically for use in Delta robots.

  • Curved rail carriage produced with recycled plastic

    The low-cost carriages are injection-molded from regranulated high-performance plastic and injection-molding production waste, including sprue and defective parts.

  • US Boiler Company introduces the Ambient Electric Boiler

    The ultra-compact, wall-hung boiler is designed for residential customers looking to modernize and electrify their hydronic heating systems.

  • New Emerson high-flow solenoid valve increases plant reliability and operating efficiency

    The valve features direct-acting, high-flow design for superior flow control performance and operational certainty.

  • E Sentry: Streamlining equipment care with cloud-based asset management

    This digital toolkit helps create, assign, track and finish work orders with a few simple clicks.

  • Widest ever choice of METCASE COMBIMET 19 inch rack cases

    Applications include networking, communications, sound/studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial computers/control technology.

  • Reach a quicker time-to-market with modular motors and gearboxes

    These modular components enable selection of the optimum combination of motors, gearboxes, encoders, brakes, shafts and controllers for specific applications.

  • Video: New spaceplane to service the ISS

    The craft will be used by NASA to ferry cargo to and from the International Space Station (ISS).

  • At Arburg, experts address "AI in the forest"

    The company is researching how to combine its own smart Gestica control system with artificial intelligence (AI) and with self-learning machines in order to make the injection molding process more intelligent.

  • OKW’s versatile MEDITEC plastic enclosures for medical electronics and more

    Designed primarily for high-quality, high-value healthcare and laboratory electronics, the enclosures are also ideal for feedback control, test and measurement, communications and network technology.

  • Why reshoring shifted into hyperdrive

    Many companies are shifting manufacturing back to the U.S. at record speeds.

  • Optimizing installation space and performance with thread tapping screws

    Fastener load is optimized with a round self-tapping screw featuring a trilobular tapping zone.

  • Raman microspectroscopy goes mobile

    Portability comes to microspectroscopy with a research-grade confocal Raman system from Oxford Instruments WITec.

  • New technique lets robots "hear" humans

    The acoustic localization approach described by the Georgia Tech team explores the use of machine learning algorithms to detect the subtle sounds inadvertently produced by humans as they move around.

  • Split hub bellows couplings deliver high precision

    These can be used in a variety of applications where positional accuracy is of utmost importance, performance data is being measured or fast reversals are a common occurrence.

  • A soft robot gripper that can lift 100 kg

    To create the new soft robotic gripper, the team employed a weaving technique wherein threads are tightly intertwined with various materials like PET plastic or rubber, to create a fabric that can support heavy objects.

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