Energy and Natural Resources


  • Purdue pushes for nuclear-powered campus

    Purdue, a national leader in scalable and sustainable energy innovation, has now partnered with Duke Energy to explore the use of advanced nuclear energy for the long-term energy needs of its campus.

  • St. Mary's University will be home to the tallest energy-generating solar facade in North America

    The tallest building-integrated photovoltaic façade (the largest micro-grid application in North America) is planned for the student residence at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Furthering nuclear fuel performance with machine learning

    The approach will improve performance predictions for uranium-zirconium fuel, a likely candidate for next-generation nuclear power reactors.

  • Water Council's water stewardship program, WAVE kicks off with Sloan

    WAVE was developed to improve the enterprise-level water stewardship performance and public reporting, and to provide companies with independent verification of their progress.

  • Thermal energy storage solutions for buildings

    On the road to low carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-sustainable buildings, thermal energy storage provides a wide variety of options and advantages for lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Video: Revamp for marine energy development toolkit

    The updated open-source knowledge hub provides developers with the code needed to analyze how well their technology might perform in various ocean and river sites.

  • The end of nuclear fuel reprocessing in the UK

    The Magnox reprocessing plant at Sellafield, the last remaining facility of its kind in the U.K., will cease operations in July 2022.

  • Updated criteria cover use of meteorological data to design nuclear power plant heat sinks

    The standard establishes criteria for use of meteorological and hydrological data by nuclear facilities to evaluate the atmospheric effects from meteorological parameters on the ultimate heat sink.

  • Video: Turbine targets low- to medium-wind conditions

    The Vestas V172-7.2 MW turbine delivers a 12% increase in annual energy production compared to its V162-6.2 MW design in low-wind conditions.

  • Wind turbine geared for North America

    The onshore wind turbine platform features high-tech two-piece blades for improved logistics and serviceability.

  • DOE launches Geothermal Geophone Prize design competition

    A new prize has been launched by the agency to fast-track U.S. innovation in seismic sensors in support of enhanced geothermal systems.

  • Cummins unveils new 15 liter hydrogen engine

    The engine will provide a low-cost zero-carbon solution for high load factor and high utilization applications where battery-electric solutions cannot meet operational requirements.

  • Video: Ride along in this solar-powered two-seater

    The Squad is designed as a safe, stable two-seater car to provide solar-driven urban mobility.

  • Hibernating battery supports longer seasonal energy storage

    The temperature-based battery effectively cuts off the self-charge function during the its idling period to realize long-term energy storage.

  • These cities lead the US in solar energy

    The top nine U.S. cities for solar power combined have more solar installed than the entire country did 10 years ago.

  • Testing solar cells for service in space

    Guidelines have been devised to test the radiation-tolerating properties of perovskites intended for use in space.

  • Toolkit tackles solutions to energy storage-grid interconnection barriers

    Solutions and resources are recommended for eight critical storage interconnection barriers to enable safer, more cost-effective and efficient grid integration of storage.

  • Equipment Health & Performance Optimization solution introduced by AWS

    The Equipment Health & Performance Optimization solution reportedly offers users real-time visibility concerning equipment health and monitoring, thereby enabling equipment failure forecasts days or weeks in advance.

  • Combined managed pressure drilling and riser system introduced by Oil State Industries

    The MPD and RGH System incorporates managed pressure drilling and riser gas handling into a deepwater drilling riser to enable greater speed, economy, performance and safety.

  • An energy security strategy for the UK

    Under the plan, 95% of electricity by 2030 could be low-carbon.

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