Energy and Natural Resources


  • A highly efficient thermoacoustic heat pump

    A prototype heat pump that uses water and sound to cool is three times as efficient as previous designs.

  • Common industrial waste heat recovery systems

    Waste heat recovery involves collecting and returning the heat produced during industrial operations for use as a supplementary power source.

  • Used nuclear fuel recycling initiative advances

    Technologies are under development to recycle used nuclear fuel generated from commercial nuclear power reactors.

  • Best practices for solar water-splitting

    A new best-practices guide is intended to provide confidence in comparing photoelectrochemical water-splitting efficiency results obtained at different sites and by different groups.

  • Texas A&M University team awarded NSF funding for project applying artificial intelligence to decarbonize buildings

    The project aims to apply artificial intelligence techniques to design energy-efficient district heat pump systems that better serve human needs and behaviors while reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

  • Virtual power plant to gird the grid in Puerto Rico

    The solution will help harden the island’s fragile power grid and lower energy costs.

  • The world’s largest hydropower dams

    Hydroelectricity is currently the world’s biggest source of renewable energy, as this profile of the five largest hydropower systems attests.

  • Watch the maiden flight of the world's largest hydrogen aircraft

    The largest aircraft powered by a hydrogen-electric engine made its maiden flight on January 19, 2023.

  • Advanced materials for energy storage

    The proliferation of mobile devices and electric vehicles has stimulated the development of energy storage technologies such as batteries and supercapacitors with enhanced power and energy density.

  • Wind turbines can power military missions and disaster relief

    Researchers examined how to build a wind turbine that could serve both military and humanitarian missions around the world.

  • Video: A speed record for solar system deployment

    Prefabricated and prewired array components streamline the installation of utility-scale solar power systems.

  • Interactive map guides renewable energy development on state lands

    An interactive map prioritizes solar and wind power sites without active leases or concerns about wildlife habitat or cultural resources in Washington state.

  • Hydrogen — Push toward the generation of green H2

    The desire to move to sustainable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions is growing exponentially. Low-cost renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind, hydro) are being developed and deployed worldwide. However, these sources are variable in nature, which means that there needs to be an

  • A virtual short course on offshore wind energy

    The two online interactive four-hour sessions are designed for professional non-engineers and engineers alike.

  • Video: Solar-wind hybrid power system floats off China

    The world’s first commercial offshore floating solar system paired with an offshore wind turbine has been launched in China.

  • Liquid hydrogen system is compact and mobile

    The mobile end-to-end hydrogen liquefication and storage system has been engineered for a range of applications from transportation to energy backup.

  • Potential net-zero aviation fuel captures CO2

    The sustainable aviation fuel would significantly reduce long-haul flight emissions.

  • Revised efficiency standards tendered for distribution transformers

    The standards are proposed to improve U.S. power grid resiliency, lower utility bills and curb carbon-dioxide emissions.

  • New York approves offshore wind farm transmission line

    A 25-mile transmission line will carry power from the state's largest offshore wind farm to an onshore substation.

  • EV batteries provide backup for the grid

    The first large-capacity Sweep Energy Storage System connected to the consumer electrical power grid uses batteries salvaged from electric vehicles (EVs).

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