Energy and Natural Resources


  • A US blueprint to achieve carbon neutral aviation emissions

    A government-wide strategy is outlined for scaling up new technologies to produce sustainable aviation fuels across the U.S. airline industry.

  • Hermetic Solutions improves reliability of downhole wireline logging tools with superior sealing materials

    Wireline logging tools must be highly reliable when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

  • UAV – Inspecting powerlines with Ofil's bispectral UV cameras

    DayCor® micROM bispectral UV-Visible camera with optional gyro stabilized plug-n-play solution to inspect overhead lines.

  • Large VAWTs to loom offshore

    These new turbines sport two sets of blades, one stacked on top of the other and arranged to contra-rotate.

  • Harvesting green hydrogen from thin air

    By harvesting hydrogen from air, this device decouples hydrogen production from geographic limitations of the world’s freshwater resources.

  • Battery-powered truck refrigeration delivers just desserts

    The system proved sweetly successful, transporting ice cream by truck during a nine-month trial and resulting in reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Infographic: All about US home heating systems

    While electricity’s share has grown since 2000, most American homes are still heated with gas largely because of the fossil fuel’s affordability.

  • Data science toolkit for energy grid machine learning

    The open source tool analyzes and leverages electricity use data from millions of smart meters installed in the U.S.

  • From vision to reality: FPT Industrial reveals its energy transition strategy at IAA Transportation 2022

    The company showcased its multi-energy approach toward sustainable on-road propulsion at the world’s leading trade show for the transportation industry.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell designed to compete with diesel

    Designed for medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the power system is predicted to achieve fuel cost parity with diesel by up to eight years earlier than previously possible.

  • Video: Outdoor cooling with liquid nitrogen

    An Israeli startup is harnessing the cooling power of liquid nitrogen to drive its outdoor air-conditioning system.

  • Keeping cool sustainably with propane as refrigerant

    Switching to propane as a refrigerant could lessen the global temperature increase from space cooling.

  • Web portal propels SMR development

    The portal serves as a source of centralized information to support small modular reactor (SMR) design and deployment.

  • A solar panel of a different color

    Color can be imparted to solar panels by the inclusion of photonic glass as a structural material, which exerts little detrimental impact on power conversion efficiency.

  • Video: Map matches hydrogen producers and consumers

    An online U.S. mapping platform highlights and connects hydrogen suppliers, infrastructure providers, users and community stakeholders.

  • Team using sun glint to measure methane emissions from offshore oil and gas

    The technology could one day enable full-scale operational monitoring of offshore productions over large areas around the globe, and eventually be used to inform emissions reduction efforts.

  • Industrial wastewater transforms into profitable byproduct

    The technique converts hazardous wastewater into potable water while retrieving valuable acids.

  • Real-time monitoring and automation solution launched for the oil and gas industry

    XLink is a hardware and software system upgrade that provides both personnel-on-board (POB) reduction through offshore automation and allows customers to monitor their drilling waste operations live from anywhere in the world.

  • Recipe for a safe, low-cost battery

    Composed of aluminum, sulfur and a molten salt electrolyte, the device is considerably less flammable and more readily recyclable relative to its lithium-ion counterpart.

  • Nontraditional water resources and the distributed hydrogen economy

    A decentralized approach to hydrogen production and consumption, based on electrolysis of seawater, industrial wastewater, municipal effluents and other nontraditional water sources is proposed.

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