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Energy and Natural Resources


  • These blades 'wood' improve wind energy sustainability

    Wooden blades have been installed on an existing wind turbine as a sustainable alternative to fiberglass and carbon fiber-based components.

  • Nuclear and space-proven seals poised to take on hydrogen energy safety challenges

    Technetics, with their pedigree in nuclear and aerospace sealing applications, has the experience and expertise to meet the challenge of hydrogen safety and containment head-on.

  • Video: AI to aid power grid operators

    ChatGrid has been developed as a generative AI solution to simplify and speed up decision making for power grid operators in the U.S.

  • A robotic assist in wind turbine blade manufacture

    Robotic assistance in the manufacture of wind turbine blades eliminates difficult working conditions for humans and can improve product consistency.

  • Video: Nanogenerator converts carbon dioxide into electricity

    A system that yields the benefits of electric power production and carbon dioxide capture has been engineered by researchers in Australia.

  • This wheel drive simplifies converting factory vehicles for automation

    Pelonis Technologies is introducing the XR15-W wheel drive solution that greatly simplifies vehicle automation.

  • Long duration energy storage at the seabed

    An underwater large-scale, long-duration energy storage pilot project is planned off the coast of Cyprus.

  • Comau to showcase its new and powerful turnkey e-mobility solutions at The Battery Show 2024

    The company will showcase its latest proprietary technologies, products and solutions designed to support customers at all stages of the electrification process.

  • How to calibrate a pressure gauge

    Pressure gauge calibration is the process of adjusting the accuracy of pressure gauges relative to known standards. This process ensures that the pressure gauges used for a specific process provide precise and reliable measurements.

  • Halliburton launches new cement system for offshore, remote locations

    According to the company, the single-sack packaging enables proactive storage in offshore and remote locations.

  • Membrane unlocks osmotic energy harvesting potential

    A new semipermeable membrane harvests osmotic energy from salt gradients and converts it to electricity.

  • A thermal assessment of solar collector-heat pump combos

    The feasibility of coupling a ground source heat pump with photovoltaic-thermal energy sources was demonstrated.

  • Composite insulators: Unsung heroes of electricity transmission

    Better power transmission efficiency over longer distances with less energy loss and cheaper costs is achieved by their exceptional weather resistance, which lowers leakage current.

  • Longer range, faster charging, longer life: Integrals Power develops battery cell cathode materials that will transform electric vehicles

    The U.K.-based company is developing a range of high-performance cathode active materials that will enable batteries to become smaller, lighter and more durable.

  • Torque wrench streamlines wind turbine tasks

    Wind turbine assembly and maintenance are set to be simplified with this new battery-powered torque wrench.

  • High-pressure, oil-free compressor for hydrogen refueling launched by SIAD MI

    The compressor’s high-pressure, oil-free, strong safety focus, low maintenance cycles and low energy consumption were factors in reducing operating costs.

  • Gen-Hy unveils lifespan test bench for hydrogen products

    The industrial test bench provides a complete and accurate analysis of the lifespan of electrolysis stacks (hydrogen generators) and their components.

  • The first large-scale electric steam cracker

    The technology will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and enable greater reliance on renewable energy within the chemical industry.

  • SLB unveils advanced artificial lift systems for oil production industry

    The ESP system boasts the widest operating range in the industry, eliminating the need for frequent ESP changes as production fluctuates.

  • Precision resistance measurement challenges and solutions

    The M81-SSM synchronous source measure system is engineered to help overcome the challenges encountered during precision and low-level signal type resistance measurements.

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