Energy and Natural Resources


  • Cable tracking platform improves cost and material efficiencies

    The cloud-based platform delivers accurate, real-time data to track the supply, logistics and installation of electric cables.

  • Study: Oil and gas goals to reduce carbon footprint are not ambitious

    Occidental Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell are just two of the 52 oil giants examined that have made public their intentions to help reduce emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

  • Video: UK Hot Robotics sites to support nuclear research

    Hot Robotics facilities will provide robotics, drones and testing spaces for nuclear research.

  • Drone inspection for oil and gas

    Petroleum, natural gas and chemical manufacturing plants have been quickly adopting a new inspection technique: drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have multiple advantages over manual inspection techniques.

  • Integrated fuel cell/battery solutions pursued for heavy-duty hydrogen mobility

    Fully integrated fuel cell and battery solutions are being optimized for performance, cost and installation for heavy-duty hydrogen mobility applications.

  • Successful 100% sustainable aviation fuel test flight

    Rolls-Royce conducted a successful test flight of its 747 Flying Testbed aircraft using 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

  • Report tracks emissions, energy efficiency in buildings and construction sector

    In 2020, the sector accounted for 36% of global final energy consumption and 37% of energy related carbon dioxide emissions as compared to other end use sectors.

  • Study: Biological dispersants more effective than synthetic dispersants for degrading crude oil

    A new study suggests that biological dispersants encourage the breakdown of toxic chemicals in crude oil better than synthetic chemical dispersants.

  • New 2 GW standard to accelerate offshore wind deployment in Europe

    The energy transmission standard will help accelerate the integration of offshore wind energy capacity onto European grids.

  • Portable nuclear reactor designed by former aerospace engineers

    Low-cost, portable nuclear microreactors may soon provide an alternative to fossil fuels for military and commercial applications.

  • Survey reveals electrical shock prevention needs a jolt of change

    A Littelfuse report highlights the need to shift from safety training to prevention through design.

  • Rolls-Royce launches mtu hydrogen solutions for power generation

    The company targets development of gas engines for use with up to 100% hydrogen by 2023.

  • Sustainable jet fuel cuts the mustard – and emissions

    Carinata, a non-edible oilseed mustard crop, can be cultivated to produce an aviation fuel with low carbon emissions.

  • Video: GREET energy use and emissions model updated for 2021

    The life-cycle analysis tool examines energy and environmental effects of transportation fuels and vehicle technologies.

  • Progress in pursuit of wind turbine blade recycling

    Two major players seek to reduce the environmental impact of turbine blade disposal and enhance sector sustainability.

  • Oil and gas components can now be 3D printed on-site

    Process can reduce wait times for repairs, replacements.

  • Cold spray system keeps hydro turbines spinning

    The process deposits tiny metal particles onto damaged areas of a turbine at supersonic speeds.

  • Video: Maritime companies join forces to automate MOB rescues

    The unmanned vessels could cut rescue times significantly.

  • Autonomous Directional Drilling introduced by Schlumberger

    Downhole automation encourages new levels of well construction performance while reducing emissions.

  • Video: Rapid response transformers return generating facility to service

    The solution offers multi-voltage flexibility to be installed as a plug-and-play option to fit almost any generation and transmission voltage arrangement.

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