Energy and Natural Resources


  • Video: An environmentally sustainable dry-coating process for battery electrodes

    The system eliminates the need for toxic solvents and the use of energy-intensive drying machines conventionally used in this manufacturing application.

  • Partnership to provide modular SMRs for hydrogen production

    Advanced technology paired with global hydrogen hubs mean lower transportation costs and fewer emissions.

  • Video: Powerful fuel cell to propel aviation

    A hydrogen fuel cell system that can achieve specific power greater than 3,000 w/kg, suitable for narrow-body aircraft, is being advanced.

  • Innovative blast furnace technology enables key step toward carbon neutrality

    The technology increases blast furnace efficiency and reduces costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Video: Natural hazard notification system engineered for IAEA

    The system will alert the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of floods, wildfires and other natural hazards that could potentially affect nuclear sites.

  • Marine mapping tool designed to inform better decisions

    One important use envisioned for the tool will be bringing marine protection into offshore wind energy planning programs.

  • Video: Solar-powered sanitation system ready for commercialization

    The system offers a sanitation solution for remote and underserved areas by recovering nutrients, energy and water from human wastewater.

  • DOE delivers funding for enhanced geothermal system research

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) selected seven projects to receive funding under the Innovative Methods to Control Hydraulic Properties of Enhanced Geothermal Systems initiative.

  • A hydrogen project visualization platform for Europe

    The interactive map depicts the status of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen projects in Europe.

  • A nuclear biorefinery approach to biofuel additive synthesis

    A novel approach to the production of renewable biofuel additives involves the use of radiation derived from nuclear waste.

  • M8 snap-in cable connectors simplify safe signal transmission in sensor-actuator applications

    Featuring snap-in quick locking, the cable connectors are ideal in applications requiring reliable signal transmission and subject to installation space constraints.

  • Video: Green submarine designed for UK maritime sector

    A green submarine design project has been?named?as?one of?55 winning projects of a £23 million ($32.8 million) U.K. government-funded R&D competition.

  • Video: Offshore wind turbine spins at 14 MW

    The Haliade-X 14 MW can deliver up to 74 GWh of gross annual energy production.

  • Drop-in motor solution for robotics applications

    The compact frameless brushless motors are machine wound with bondable magnet wire for superior dependability.

  • Shape-morphing battery stretches like a snake

    The stretchable battery mimics the design and flexibility of snake scales.

  • Inspection robot designed for the oil and gas industry

    Magneto-EX promises to keep human inspectors safe from hazardous environments.

  • Video: Fuel cell-powered transporter hits the road in Europe

    The hydrogen fuel cell-propelled vehicle can achieve ranges of up to 500 km.

  • Video: Magnet protection magnifies fusion power potential

    New magnet protection technology is expected to improve the commercial viability of fusion power plants.

  • A dive into demand response programs

    Electric utilities can compensate consumers for reducing energy usage during times of power system stress or high market electricity prices.

  • Aramco, KAIST propose curing concrete with CO2

    The new proposed method would include waste carbon dioxide.

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