Energy and Natural Resources


  • A fast-charging lithium-carbon battery system

    The design combines the benefits of super capacitors and traditional lithium-ion batteries.

  • Video: Supercomputer to boost offshore wind energy R&D

    The Summit supercomputer will simulate different wind farm and atmospheric flow physics.

  • Video: Solid-state battery incorporates silicon anode

    A new lithium-ion battery chemistry combines a solid-state electrolyte and an all-silicon anode.

  • An R&D roadmap for electric aviation

    The battery requirements and R&D needed to foster the commercialization of electric aviation propulsion are identified.

  • Companies to transform jack-up drilling rigs for green hydrogen production

    Project Haldane aims to develop an industrial scale offshore green hydrogen production concept, through the deployment of an electrolyzer system on a converted jack-up rig.

  • Results of advanced nuclear survey released

    The survey addresses a wide range of issues important to U.S. advanced nuclear developers.

  • NexTier and Silixa launch IntelliStimSM frac optimization system

    The system expands NexTier’s strategy of improving wellsite performance while decreasing the ultimate cost per barrel to oilfield operators through integrated wellsite operations.

  • OleumTech adds new magnetic flow meter to its H series instrumentation line

    OleumTech recently launched another addition to its electromagnetic flow meter H series hardwired process instrumentation line.

  • Learn how Qualcomm is using 5G to create a greener economy

    By taking advantage of 5G's wireless technology, companies are able to get creative with how they up their sustainability game.

  • Freshwater Stewardship Certification promotes sustainability in oil and gas

    Freshwater acquisition and management are critical to the well completion process.

  • Durabook provides rugged, protected mobile computer solutions for oil and gas field workers

    Durabook has a range of computers that are up to the demanding task of providing applications to withstand the harshest environments.

  • GTherm announces NetZero low-cost energy solution for crypto data centers

    The amount of electricity needed for the mining of cryptocurrency has sparked creative low-cost energy solutions for computers and other machinery.

  • An offshore wind turbine of mammoth size

    The 16 MW, 264 m-tall turbine is capable of powering 20,000 homes over a 25-year service life.

  • Watch how crumpled material lets supercapacitors flex their power

    A flexible supercapacitor with electrodes made of wrinkled titanium carbide maintained its ability to store and release electronic charges after repetitive stretching.

  • A bright future for US solar energy

    Solar energy has the potential to supply up to 40% of the nation's electricity within 15 years.

  • Video: New Engineering for People Design Challenge

    Students at participating universities will design a solution appropriate to the economic, environmental and social context.

  • Video: Ammonia produced with solar energy and wastewater nitrate

    Ammonia is produced from sunlight and wastewater nitrate at 10% higher solar-to-fuel efficiency than currently available systems.

  • Efficiency breakthrough for thin film photovoltaics

    A highly reflective, conductive mirror was applied to the back of the thin gallium arsenide photovoltaic cell.

  • Watch how a swappable battery system propels inland vessel

    Exchangeable battery containers provide propulsion without air pollutant emissions.

  • Video: The debut of a recyclable offshore wind turbine blade

    Siemens Gamesa has produced its first six fully recyclable offshore wind turbine blades at its factory in Aalborg, Denmark.

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