Building and Construction


  • Researchers develop a sweet solution for building material

    The new brick-like material, dubbed Sugarcrete, is composed of bagasse, which is a byproduct of sugarcane.

  • Computer vision tool counts damaged buildings, bird flocks

    The framework, dubbed DISCount, reportedly combines the speed and data-analyzing power of AI with the reliability of human analysis to immediately deliver reliable estimates that can quickly assess and count features from very large collections of images.

  • Researchers in Maine aim to recycle wind turbine blades as 3D printing material

    The project, dubbed “Blades for Large-Format Additive Manufacturing,” proposes taking wind turbine blades destined for the landfill and repurposing them as feedstock materials for 3D printing.

  • New AI bot feature fast-follow tech

    The robot, dubbed PFF kilo, is a four-wheeled robot that is built on the company’s Travel on Known Paths autonomous behavior software.

  • Researchers adding recycled mineral wool waste to cement mortar to improve construction sustainability

    Researchers from the School of Building at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) have demonstrated that mineral wool from construction and demolition waste (CDW) could potentially be used as an alternative to the reinforced fibers commonly used in building materials.

  • Recycling plastic into bricks to build classrooms in Africa

    Plastic from sources such as tires and flip flops will be melted and turned into bricks that are fire- and wind-resistant, waterproof, well-insulated and have a life expectancy of hundreds of years beyond traditional construction materials.

  • What is seasonal energy efficiency ratio?

    The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is a measurement of cooling efficiency for electric air-cooled heat pumps and air conditioning units as defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

  • Cosen Saws exhibiting sawing solutions in partnership with Controlled Automations at NASCC 2024

    The company will showcase one of its larger fabrication production saws, the SH-1100LDM, and provide attendees info and insight into their full line of industrial sawing products.

  • Remote-operated and autonomous industrial snow plow introduced by Teleo, Storm Equipment

    The machines are created to help solve staffing shortages in the commercial snow-plow industry, where snow contractors are covering larger regions and working long overnight hours, by allowing a single hired operator to work in multiple regions simultaneously.

  • The 7 most important things to consider when buying a fusion machine

    These tenets will guide the user to the selection of the right equipment fort specific applications.

  • AI is making China's high-speed railway more efficient

    The AI system, which is located in Beijing, China, has a high accuracy level of roughly 89%.

  • ICON debuts new construction tech at SXSW

    The construction technology and large-scale 3D printing company announced a new suite of products and technologies designed to further automate construction.

  • MX90 Mobile Mapping System launched by Trimble

    This immersive data can reportedly be processed to extract a range of deliverables for feature detection, inspection tasks and more.

  • BOSS introduces its smart spreader

    The latest iteration of BOSS’ VBX, the VBX+ features an array of smart capabilities, designed to empower operators with unprecedented control and management options.

  • Researchers deploy world’s first pothole-fixing robot

    The so-called Autonomous Road Repair System (ARRES) Prevent relies on imaging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect, classify and repair potholes and various other road defects.

  • Matterport launches its Property Intelligence product

    These new features reportedly enhance the company’s property marketing, design and construction and facilities management solutions for automating elements of home listings, construction projects and factory floor operations.

  • Fastener Training Week returns to Cleveland this April

    The training program in Cleveland, Ohio, will include hands-on demonstrations, learning labs, classroom instruction and plant tours.

  • Demo and agricultural waste promise to transform the construction sector

    The materials, which were developed as part of the ReMatBuilt project at the institute, are a combination of demolition waste and plant production residue.

  • ABC announces AI resource guide for the construction industry

    “AI in Construction — What Does It Mean for Our Contractors?” provides a level of knowledge to ensure contractors can be active participants in the construction AI conversation.

  • Uponor launches new Xpress Trak residential radiant heating panels

    The single-panel system with lightweight XPS foam at its core and laminated aluminum around the entire surface provides exceptional heat-transfer capability.

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