Building and Construction


  • Trimble’s new 3D scanning and imaging solutions

    The Trimble X12 gives users the ability to visualize, manage and evaluate projects throughout the workflow.

  • Bio-based glue may replace formaldehyde-containing adhesives in wood construction

    Lignin — a structural component of wood and a by-product of the pulp industry — is being eyed by researchers as a replacement for current wood construction adhesives that contain formaldehyde.

  • Recycled PPE strengthens structural concrete

    The team focused specifically on three types of PPE: isolation gowns, rubber gloves and face masks, all of which were incorporated as a reinforcement material in structural concrete.

  • Watch this smart excavator automate construction site tasks

    By automating repetitive tasks such as digging, SRI suggests that the smart excavator can improve construction site productivity.

  • Tires prove a sound ingredient for structure walls

    According to the team, the Earth-packed tire walls proved as sound as conventional walls under a series of stressors, demonstrating that their use could be expanded in the construction industry.

  • Cement fortified with shrimp shells 40% stronger

    Nanocrystals and nanofibers of chitin from waste shrimp shells added to cement reportedly made the material 40% stronger and delayed the set time for the cement by more than an hour.

  • How robotics is changing the drywall industry

    Canvas’s response to current building industry challenges is to focus on safety, efficiency and quality, while training workers for the jobs of the future.

  • Understanding torsion springs and some key design calculations

    What makes torsion springs so special over other types of springs?

  • Rockwool's newest insulation design makes some structurally solid promises

    The new industrial insulation design has been cleared as the lowest lambda stonewall insulation in the U.K.

  • Black Buffalo 3D working to shrink affordable housing gap

    3D printing offers several ways to increase labor productivity, save costs and increase energy efficiency.

  • The difference between fans and blowers

    Both fans and blowers are commonly used equipment for cooling and providing air circulation. While 'fans' and 'blowers' are often considered synonymous, they each have different functionalities, advantages and applications.

  • Video: Comau and Seabery unveil robotic welding training to expand opportunities and promote an increasingly skilled workforce

    The dedicated solution combines Seabery’s patented, augmented reality technology-based Soldamatic simulated welding training and Comau’s e.DOTM educational robot.

  • How apps improve construction site safety

    Apps are creating repeatable procedures and managing data in a very dangerous industry.

  • World's largest tower crane rolls off assembly line

    The model was developed as a joint project by XCMG and China Major Bridge Engineering Co.

  • Smart film gives office workers control over environment

    The film can be adjusted from transparent to opaque, with several in-between shades.

  • Roofing shingles with the ability to combat smog

    The granules incorporate a photocatalyst that reacts with UV light to turn the nitrogen oxides in smog into a form of nitrogen that is usable by plants.

  • Industrial lighting automation simplified through complete system solutions

    As building automation installations continue to gain greater momentum, the industry needs solutions that incorporate necessary functionality in a simple, compact package.

  • Edible cement the future of construction?

    To develop edible cement, researchers experimented with various types of food waste, drying, pulverizing and then compressing the ingredients with simple mixers and compressors.

  • Building robust HMIs for rugged and harsh applications

    Boyd is at the forefront of the solutions that ruggedized HMIs, thanks to its expertise and ability to convert resilient materials into nearly endless shapes, sizes and form factors.

  • Watch how the VelociWrapper attacks cable installation

    Bring renewable energy project construction out of the Jurassic with this cable-wrapping machine that significantly increases speed, bolsters efficiency and reduces installation costs.

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