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  • 12 common HVAC communication protocols

    Discover the functions and common use cases of the numerous HVAC communication protocols available, both open and proprietary.

  • Purdue pushes for nuclear-powered campus

    Purdue, a national leader in scalable and sustainable energy innovation, has now partnered with Duke Energy to explore the use of advanced nuclear energy for the long-term energy needs of its campus.

  • St. Mary's University will be home to the tallest energy-generating solar facade in North America

    The tallest building-integrated photovoltaic façade (the largest micro-grid application in North America) is planned for the student residence at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Water Council's water stewardship program, WAVE kicks off with Sloan

    WAVE was developed to improve the enterprise-level water stewardship performance and public reporting, and to provide companies with independent verification of their progress.

  • HVAC trends in the fight against COVID-19

    Two years into a global pandemic, here are the HVAC strategies most common for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

  • Thermal energy storage solutions for buildings

    On the road to low carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-sustainable buildings, thermal energy storage provides a wide variety of options and advantages for lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The future of at-home 3D printing

    See what companies are innovating to make 3D printing daily necessities a new and exciting reality.

  • This robot dog offers safe and reliable site management

    The challenging terrain did not slow the robot, which surveilled and accurately mapped a comprehensive view of the site's construction progress and maintenance operations.

  • Team develops non-toxic wood glue derived from glucose, citric acid

    To create the new wood glue, researchers combined glucose and different quantities of citric acid into a sticky substance.

  • How to select and size electric motors like a pro: Answers to 5 FAQs

    Wrongly selecting or sizing an electric motor for an application causes several challenges for engineers and facility managers.

  • Video: Winners of the 20th Annual Solar Decathlon

    The collegiate competition challenges students to design and construct zero energy buildings.

  • HVAC Week (May 22 - 28)

    HVAC engineering lies at the intersection of COVID-19 and climate change. This is why it might save the world.

  • New concrete alternative could reduce greenhouse gases

    The material uses the biological enzyme carbonic anhydrase, found in all living cells, as a catalyst for chemical reaction. Carbonic anhydrase reacts with carbon dioxide and can quickly and efficiently remove greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

  • Neuroscience center's design mimics human brain

    The design of the 20,000 square meter center mimics the characteristic folds of the cerebral cortex to enable efficient collaboration between the various healthcare, education and scientific research teams.

  • 3D scans create purpose for less desired lumber

    The information comes at a time when demand for low-carbon construction and building materials is increasing as the construction sector becomes more conscious about climate change.

  • Cement companies step up to drop carbon emissions

    Increased production of environmentally friendly, lower carbon PLC is part of CEMEX USA’s Future in Action program to reduce the carbon footprint of its products and operations.

  • ToolWatch acquisition combines safety and efficiency for construction management

    In light of the increase in infrastructure improvement projects around the country, jobsite safety is a top priority.

  • Gecko Robotics seeks funding to fix broken infrastructure

    Gecko’s robots capture data at previously unheard-of scale and fidelity, climbing pipelines, boilers, tanks, ship hulls and much more in search of damage, no matter how subtle.

  • London music venue to include world's largest LED screen

    The structure will include an immersive interior with the world's largest LED screen, as well as an eye-catching facade with a customizable LED system

  • Camera-based sensors offer high-definition solutions

    With RDI’s proprietary platform powered by Motion Amplification, users can see and measure motion that is not visible to the human eye.

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