Building and Construction


  • The impact of adhesives on energy efficiency

    In residential and commercial construction, the building envelope is responsible for 30% of a structure’s energy consumption.

  • US military 3D prints new barracks

    The 3D-printed barracks will reportedly be the first to house soldiers.

  • Video: Compete in the inaugural AIPH World Green City Awards

    The event seeks to recognize public initiatives relying on a greater use of plants and nature to improve city environments.

  • Environmental 'time-bomb'? Modern building materials role in climate change

    Humanity's gradual shift to concrete dwellings has a cumulative environmental shift - with effects that are just now becoming realized.

  • Study: Innovative 'cool pavements' can help negate climate change effects

    Novel pavement technology seeks to reduce the material's albedo - that is how much heat it absorbs in direct sunlight, only to reduce the heat later on.

  • New standard optimizes wind power system design for seismic conditions

    Developed with industry collaboration, the recommended practice increases transparency and reduces wind turbine design uncertainty in emerging markets.

  • Hurricane damage to houses, buildings can be simulated on scale models

    University researchers proved that scale models can help stress test real-world structures, thereby improving building resilience to ever-increasing hurricane forces.

  • HVAC system optimized to supply clean air to classrooms

    The new system reduced particulate matter in a test classroom by over 30% through location optimization of supply and return diffusers.

  • Keeping the Large Hadron Collider cool with CO2 refrigeration

    Future experiments at the particle accelerator facility will employ carbon dioxide refrigeration technology.

  • Windows as transparent solar-thermoelectric systems

    The transparent power generating window combines solar-thermaloelectric conversion with a wavelength-selective film.

  • Portable air conditioners provide cooling for small spaces

    TURBRO is now expanding its product offering to portable air conditioners to provide year-round comfort.

  • Lots will soon be available in North Carolina’s first 100% net-zero energy neighborhood

    Bakst has been developing this one-of-a-kind community featuring custom high performance homes built to the National Green Building Standards and with active solar to achieve net-zero or negative net-zero energy.

  • Autodesk Build is the solution of choice for construction teams

    The program connects project data across the construction lifecycle in one solution that is easy to adopt, deploy and use.

  • Urban planning is expected to realize big savings by 2030 using digital twins

    Urban planners are embracing the use of digital twins as the benefits they provide for planning and operational management of assets continue to be discovered.

  • Video: Modular stainless steel building unveiled at Holon Technology Conference

    Through revolutionary changes in the material and construction methods for traditional concrete buildings, BROAD is the first company to “build buildings like cars.”

  • Lignin-based coating could create sustainable and long lasting wood structures

    Researchers from Aalto University created a bio-based coating for wood that will create stronger and more protected wood structures.

  • Team creates construction binder from industrial waste

    An international team of researchers developed a production method to create high-quality gypsum binders from industrial waste.

  • Watch: Smart glass could lower office building energy use by 26%

    The new window glass would reduce energy use and lower carbon emissions of office buildings around the world.

  • Carrier launches Revit configurator to customize air conditioning system drawings

    The tool provides the ability to completely preconfigure Carrier HVAC units based on key criteria.

  • Green pigments can cause major structural damage to concrete

    Pigments can make concrete more attractive, but at what cost?

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