Laser cutting/engraving systems are incredibly versatile and can be found in nearly any industry. From manufacturing to woodworking to signage creation and well beyond, laser marking systems are used for a variety of applications. These systems allow operators to both laser engrave and cut a myriad of materials – wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, leather, task board, matboard and much more. Epilog’s CO2 systems can also mark treated (anodized) aluminum, slate, glass, marble and other harder materials.

If you’re looking for a system that can tackle industrial park marking, Epilog also offers fiber laser technology specifically designed for bare metal marking and the marking of engineered plastics. These fiber systems can achieve a variety of marks including annealed, etched and polished. Epilog’s newest addition, the G2 Galvo laser, even offers an adjustable work area (up to 24” x 24”) and engraves at incredibly fast speeds.

Epilog’s powerful, easy-to-use systems come in a variety of sizes and wattage configurations, so whether you’re looking for a desktop unit or a larger model for production needs, they have the right system for your application. Not sure which laser is right for your application? Visit Epilog Laser's applications lab – their specialists will be happy to test your files and material and provide a detailed report on their findings.