Source: Claudio Toledo/FlickrSource: Claudio Toledo/Flickr

Amazon's new drone patent will enable drones to request information or respond to questions posed to them by humans while making deliveries.

According to Amazon's patent document, Amazon drones will be able to instruct nearby persons to clear a delivery drop zone or to ask a delivery recipient for ID confirmation.

Additionally, it is thought that enabling a drone to speak would also be a move to help it communicate any issues with its technology.

"The UAV may have become disabled by losing power, by colliding with something, or by becoming tangled in or by something," the document says. "The speech may comprise a request to the person to perform an action such as reporting the location of the UAV, moving the UAV to a safe location, retrieving the UAV and delivering it to a control center or operations base, taking the UAV to a charging location, etc."