The skies above will soon become even more crowded if online retail giant Amazon gets its way and is able to erect production-distribution-warehouses-in-the-sky.

According to a recent patent, Amazon is investigating whether such distribution warehouses — called aerial fulfillment centers (AFC) — kept afloat by blimps for the purpose of housing consumer products for delivery via drone is feasible.

The move is expected to help forward Amazon's plans for a fleet of drones delivering products to customers in less time and at lower cost to the company.

"An AFC may be positioned at an altitude above a metropolitan area and be designed to maintain an inventory of items that may be purchased by a user and delivered to the user by a UAV that is deployed from the AFC," the patent document said.

Yet, the scheme is far from final as Amazon will be expected to address concerns about increased traffic as well as the possibility of drones and products alike falling from the skies.

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