Image credit: PixabayImage credit: PixabayThe coconut oil craze may soon be over, thanks to the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association.

Often touted as a healthier alternative to saturated fats, researchers believe that legitimate scientific evidence is lacking.

Packed with more saturated fat than found in beef fat, butter and pork lard, coconut oil can raise “bad” cholesterol, thereby clogging arteries and increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association.

Much of the advice concerning fat can be confusing, with animal fats considered bad for you while plant oils are considered good for you.

Dr. Frank Sacks, lead author of the AHA advice, said: "We want to set the record straight on why well-conducted scientific research overwhelmingly supports limiting saturated fat in the diet to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels."

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