A wireless low-profile sensor developed at NASA's Langley Research Center uses a magnetic field response measurement acquisition system to provide power to, and acquire physical property measurements from, the sensor.

This NASA technology has applications in the commercial transport industry.This NASA technology has applications in the commercial transport industry.The device can be used to monitor a vehicle's tire pressure, tread wear, or wheel speed; an aircraft's landing gear health or fuselage integrity; and industrial foundry kiln temperature and cryogenic liquid levels.

The shape of the electrical traces eliminates the need for separate inductance, capacitance, and connection circuitry, a feature which shrinks the sensor’s circuit footprint to enable a smaller, flexible, and easy to fabricate sensor package. The electrical trace shape can be readily modified to sense different physical properties.

Arranging multiple low-profile sensors together permits the wireless data acquisition system to read responses from all the sensors by powering just one of them. The sensor also enables measurements in areas previously impractical to reach due to wiring constraints

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