Richtech a robotics company, has developed a service robot that performs 24/7 medication delivery services for pharmacy operations.

The service robot, dubbed Medbot, can perform a variety of tasks in healthcare facilities, namely secure deliveries. Likewise, the robot is also being eyed for autonomous floor cleaning, hotel delivery and hospitality services.

Source: RichtechSource: Richtech

Thanks to elevator-enabled technology, the Medbot moves throughout healthcare facilities with ease, thereby ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of medications with no disruptions.

Additionally, Medbot features four storage compartments that hold up to 3.17 gallons each, a touchscreen display, eight ultrasonic sensors and two cameras, which imbue Medbot with obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities.

Medbot is expected to alleviate the labor shortage plaguing the pharmacy and health care sectors by automating medication delivery, thereby enabling pharmacy technicians to remain in the pharmacy for more productive tasks instead of making routine deliveries.

For more on Medbot, watch the accompanying video, which appears courtesy of Richtech.

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