Sierra Space, a commercial space and defense tech company has announced the launch of Sierra Space Axelerator, an innovation-at-speed incubator designed to fast-track the development of defense technologies and mission solutions.

Sierra Space Ghost

The first technology to emerge from Axelerator is the Sierra Space Ghost, a space delivery system engineered to safely return objects from space — and through space — directly to precise locations on Earth. Ghost, a low beta reentry vehicle using deployable decelerator technology, represents a leap forward in space logistics and recovery operations, promising to enhance the sustainability and safety of space. Ghost will be able to deliver payloads anywhere in the world in 90 minutes or less, enabling a highly responsive space-based system without the need for a fixed infrastructure.

Source: Sierra SpaceSource: Sierra Space

Sierra Space Spectre

Sierra Space is also unveiling Spectre, a satellite designed for precision rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO). Sierra Space Spectre is equipped to perform complex tasks in the challenging environment of space with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.

Sierra Black OS

The third breakthrough from Sierra Space’s Axelerator incubator is Sierra Black OS, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled operating system that will have the ability to operate across space, air and ground systems seamlessly. The inaugural release, STAR (Sierra Toolkit for Autonomous Rendezvous), an RPO software module, exemplifies the system’s capabilities, offering unparalleled operational intelligence and autonomy for space missions.

For more information on Sierra Space Axelerator , visit the Sierra Space website.

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