AT Information Products (AT INFO) has launched the RF Lite Pouch — the industry’s first compact system intended for the automatic coding of flat-form bags and pouches. The RF Lite Pouch utilizes vacuum technology to expertly present the packaging to the Markoprint industrial coder, ready for it to be marked with high-quality codes.

A flexible coding system for flexible packaging

As the use of flexible packaging materials grows, so does the need for a flexible, efficient and cost-effective coding solution. Pouches and bags can be inherently tricky to code on-line, particularly when using pre-made pouches or trying to print onto filled packs. An off-line system, such as the RF Lite Pouch from ATSource: AT Information Products Source: AT Information Products INFO, offers the ideal alternative.

Key benefits of the system include:

• Compact bench-top system for the feeding and printing of film pouches

• Vacuum picking system with belt drive for smooth transportation

• Solid state control of machine sequencing

• Top loading hopper to maintain high throughput

• Outfeed catcher tray for printed pouches

RF Lite Pouch handles a range of packaging substrates in terms of size and material type. The feeder runs bags that are 3 inches tall by 3 inches wide minimum, to 10 inches tall by 6i nches wide maximum. Feeding both gusseted and resealable bags is possible with RF Lite Pouch. Relevant materials include plastic, mylar and paper.

The feeder accommodates both Thermal Inkjet and Piezo Inkjet with print areas up to 1.3 inches tall. Markoprint systems print alphanumeric text, GS1 application identifiers including linear and 2D barcodes, and graphics that help manufacturers comply with stringent regulations.

Innovation in feeding technology sets RF Lite Pouch apart from the competition

Most feeding systems use friction rollers to guide the bottom substrate out of the hopper and onto the belt. This technology works well for packs or rigid pouches of a uniform thickness but when the material is more flexible, or when there’s a resealing feature, it becomes significantly more difficult to achieve accuracy and consistency.

The RF Lite Pouch, therefore, leverages vacuum technology to grab the flexible substrate from the bottom of the stack using suction to provide a reliable and repetitive feeding process.

Where to deploy AT INFO feeding and coding systems

Manufacturers in need of printing high-resolution codes on flat packaging materials are ideal customers for AT INFO integrated systems. The list of applicable industries is vast but is particularly useful in food and beverage, cannabis, personal care and pet products. RF Lite Pouch is a viable alternative for directly coding flexible materials as manufacturers seek to move away from labeling to save costs on paper labels, printing, and applying those labels.

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