Top load case packers are an ideal packaging solution for flexible packaging, which includes bags, pouches and other flexible products. Top loading and product collation technologies from Douglas Machine ensure optimum interaction between product, packaging materials and machinery.

The compact TriVex RL and RLi systems offer automated robotic case and tray packing solutions to Source: Douglas MachineSource: Douglas Machineaccommodate the unique demands associated with handling bags, pouches, cartons, trays, tubs, cups, cans, bottles and overwrapped products. Maximized flexibility provides efficient loading of products into almost any style of pre-erected top load case or tray. The TriVex RLi seamlessly erects, loads and seals top load cases with one compact machine.

The TriVex SL and SLi are ideal for the demands of the growing retail ready market. This robotic top load case packer is designed for lines requiring products to be packed vertical in the case and lines requiring both vertical and flat pack product orientations. The TriVex CLi is designed for food service and retail bags of non-free flowing individual quick frozen products.

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