The Markoprint Integra PP RAZR inkjet printer from AT Information Products (AT INFO) enables the coding of hi-res images up to 1.34 inches tall. The system utilizes an Epson industrial printhead to deliver high-resolution text, barcodes and graphic files.

"For decades, packagers have tolerated poor print quality when adding variable codes to their packaging substrates. Low resolution text and unreadable barcodes may result in significant fines for the manufacturer," said Jeff Norton, business development manager, AT INFO. “Now, with the latest print technology from AT INFO, manufacturers and co-packers can reach new levels of operational efficiency. We are proud to announce the introduction of the Markoprint Integra PP RAZR inkjet coder as a technology advancement for the industry."

Advantages of Markoprint Integra PP RAZR

With greater speed, reliability and versatility, Markoprint Integra PP RAZR offers significant benefits thatSource: AT Information ProductsSource: AT Information Products address the pain points associated with many high-resolution coding and marking solutions:

•Print height — The 1.34 inch tall printhead allows for 1 inch tall barcodes with no stitch lines, plus a human readable number below the barcode.

•Built-in redundancy — The two separate nozzle channels can be controlled independently of each other. If one nozzle fails, the second channel ensures that the print image remains streak-free and of high quality.

•Impressive speed — With a print speed of up to 150 m/min at 300 dpi, the Integra PP RAZR applies plain text information, codes and graphics to variable surfaces.

•High resolution printing — A print quality of up to 600 dpi is possible with the Integra PP RAZR. If desired, the printer can print in different grayscales. This is ensured by adjustable waveforms.

•Versatility of inks — RAZR inks are crisp and clear when printed on both absorbent materials, such as cardboard, and non-absorbent surfaces, such as plastic film and pouches.

Where to deploy Markoprint Integra PP RAZR

Thanks to the many advantages of Integra PP RAZR, there are several coding applications targeted. Shipping cases and corrugated trays typically require a full 1 inch tall barcode with human readable text below the codes. Shrink wrapped trays are also possible, as the RAZR’s solvent ink dries quickly and permanently on flexible packaging. This includes resealable and gusseted pouches used in food, cannabis and consumer goods packaging.

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