A new gel-free, dry buffer tube technology now joins the all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) fiber optic cable family developed by fiber optic cable manufacturer AFL. This addition to the ADSS line requires no support or messenger, enabling installation in a single pass to streamline fiber optic network completion. Source: AFLSource: AFL

The gel-free option is well suited for installation in distribution and transmission environments, even when live-line installations are required. This dry buffer tube technology has a specialized water-blocking binder that absorbs any moisture around the cable. This feature improves the convenience and efficiency of accessing fibers as there’s no need for gel cleanup.

Gel-filled or gel-free technology can now be specified for double jacket-designed AFL-ADSS and ADSS fiber optic cable in single jacket designs. Both options are designed and tested in compliance with the IEEE 1222 industry standard for ADSS cables. AFL believes in the appropriate application, either option should provide equally reliable performance.

These cables are designed for aerial distribution power lines, extra high voltage transmission applications and underground duct applications.

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