STL used the FTTH Europe Virtual Conference 2020 as platform to launch the Celesta Ribbon optical fiber cable. Described as intelligently bonded, the cable is engineered with fiber counts as high as 6,912 fibers.

Reacting to the increasing need for high fiber-count cables, STL designed the Celesta ribbon cables to combine Source: STLSource: STLrobust performance for duct installations and compatibility with high-count mass fusion splicing. The cable is 26% slimmer than traditional loose tube cables with the same fiber counts and is optimized for blown deployments, which enables installation of up to 2,000 m of fiber cable in less than an hour.

Additional features include the use of bend-insensitive G.657.A2 fiber, contra helical binding and gel-free water blocking. The new ribbon cable can enable network operators to reduce roll-out time, optimize the use of duct space, shrink the size of passive network infrastructure and improve network performance. These benefits can save as much as 32% on overall deployment investment costs.

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