New scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) from JEOL incorporate the next level of intelligent technology and automation for ease of operation and fast, high-resolution imaging and analysis. Two new-generation SEMs make it easy to acquire data for all specimen types.

Both feature automatic image collection at multiple locations, magnifications and conditions as well as liveSource: JEOLSource: JEOL energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis and live 3D microscopy. Additional capabilities include automatic large-area analysis with ZeroMag software and automatic functions from alignment to focus that provide fast, clear, high-resolution images.

The new JSM-IT710HR SEM is a compact, versatile Schottky Field Emission SEM that delivers large probe currents while maintaining a small probe, making it ideally suited for higher resolution needs. A large specimen chamber and both high and low vacuum operation allow a wide variety of specimen types to be imaged and analyzed in their native state.

The JSM-IT210 InTouchScope SEM is a compact microscope with easy, automated workflow features including specimen exchange mode that guides a new operator step-by-step from sample introduction to ideal imaging and analysis conditions.

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