Smart Robotics, a manufacturer of warehouse and logistics robots, has developed a new piece picking robot for fashion manufacturers.

The Smart Fashion Picker robot is based on Smart Robotics’ line of pick and place robots, which perform repetitive tasks in the warehouse and manufacturing spaces.

Source: Smart RoboticsSource: Smart Robotics

According to its developers, the Smart Fashion Picker robot can pick, place and sort assorted fashion items placed in protective packaging from carts or bins. The Smart Fashion Picker accomplishes this thanks to onboard vision sensors, and motion and task planning algorithms that enable it to calculate what to pick next, and how to pick and place the item correctly into the next bin.

Working at a pace similar to human pickers, the Smart Robotics’ Smart Fashion Picker robot takes over repetitive tasks from human pickers who are already in short supply thanks to a global worker shortage. Additionally, they can perform these repetitive pick and place tasks uninterrupted.

To see a similar iteration of Smart Robotics’ Smart Fashion Picker — the Smart Item Picker — in action, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Smart Robotics.

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